Stolen powers: the sorcerer has beaten to death the whole family

Украли способности: колдун забил до смерти целую семью

The family of four was killed and buried in his yard in the Indian state of Kerala. A crime suspect of a man named Anish, who considers himself a black magician, reports the Daily Mail.

Four inhabitants of Kerala were killed and buried in their own backyard. Crime victims were 52-year-old rope, 50-year-old Susheela and their children – 21-year-old Arsha and 18-year-old Arjun. Once the bodies of the family Krishnan was discovered, a local resident Anish went on the run.

Украли способности: колдун забил до смерти целую семью

How did you find the police, Anish and rope for several years worked together on black magic, and then Anish decided to open his own practice. However, it does not matter, and the man blamed former partner. He decided that the rope stole its magic power and the only way to get them back is to kill the “kidnapper” and his entire family.

The details of the crime became known after the police managed to detain the partner of Anish. Libis, said that he and a friend attacked a goat to lure out the Rope and Suselo on the street, where the spouses have caused the fatal blows. Arsha tried to defend the parents, beating sixth of the attackers, was also killed. Going into the house, criminals have discovered a pair of son and hacked him to death with a machete. Now, Libis is in custody, and the search for Anish continues.


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