February 1, 2023

Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard’s reaction after Millie Bobby Brown called him a “terrible kisser”; Watch

As the saying goes, “there is a first time for everything” – and Finn Wolfhard You know him well! a starWeird thingsShe opened up about her first on-screen kiss Millie Bobby Brown, It could be said that this moment was not romantic at all. In a teaser for his upcoming appearance on “The Drew Barrymore ShowThe actor’s reaction to the fact that the translator Eleven after calling him a “terrible kisser” and even giving more – infamous – behind-the-scenes details.

phenomenon lovers Netflix You may remember that in November of last year, Millie criticized Finn’s kissing skills. In a polygraph test, the actress was asked about the experience of kissing her friend in the scene. “You exclaimed ‘kissing sucks’ after your first kiss with Finn Wolfhard. Is Finn just a terrible kisser?”asked the interviewer. “he”The young woman replied, and when asked if it had improved over the years, she added: “not with me”. Remember:

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The video quickly went viral, with many people finding Millie’s comments hilarious. But now it’s Finn’s turn to offer his version of the story. According to the star, he wasn’t offended by his colleague’s comments. “You know what, I’m fine with that.”Wolfhard said. My first kiss on screen was with Millie, but I didn’t know how to handle that at all. [o diretor disse] You will do this and eventually, you will accept it.described.

Things got even weirder after Finn almost got hurt.Enola Holmes“. “And then, I almost hit her in the head… The romantic way of putting it was I headbutted her, but I was twelve, you know.”he added. “I probably would have done the same if I wasn’t on screen in front of the whole world.”He concluded his speech with the laughter of the audience.

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Who took the opportunity to share their own traumas of the romantic scenes was the presenter herself Drew Barrymore. The veteran recalled that she had to kiss many people throughout her film career, however, one of the most unexpected situations was when she had to act alongside her boyfriend at the time, Luke Wilson. “It’s not as intimate as people think, it’s very mechanical. I was really excited thinking, ‘This would be great, we know each other, we’ve kissed before,’ but he kissed me like [de lábios fechados]”Tell Moses.

Will (Schnapp) becomes Mike (Finn Wolfhard) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) “Sail”. (Image: Playback / Netflix)

Although the actress thought Wilson was doing it just because he was dating her, she recognized that “this was his artistic kiss.” “I saw Luke kiss Cameron Diaz in ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and when it was time for the kiss he did the same. He kissed respectfully.”, Been completed. The full interview will be available on January 19th. Watch the excerpt:

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