September 21, 2023
Strawberries distributed positive plaques on Andre

Strawberries distributed positive plaques on Andre

Exit on the twelfth from the rightfarm 2022 “(RecordTV), today Muranguinho participated in the recording of the clip” Fazenda – The Last Chance “, in the program” Hora do Faro “that will be shown next Sunday. And in one of the dynamics, she distributed positive plates to Andre Marinho.

The former worker used the adjectives: “fair”, “intelligent”, “well-mannered”, “friendly”, “reliable”, “genuine”.

Moranguinho’s action surprised, because during the reality, the two were friends, There were disagreements after the singer decided to prioritize Iran, from Group B, rather than the people of his group, A.

On Twitter, Andre’s reps mocked the attitude of Naldo’s wife Benny.

He wrote “What happened here? More than false, my God.”

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Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV


Antonio Shahstian/Record TV

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