March 26, 2023
Students got injured after a school experiment went wrong

Students got injured after a school experiment went wrong

At least 11 children aged around 10 and an adult have suffered burns after a science activity at a primary school in Sydney, Australia went wrong.

According to the site News Corp Australia The incident occurred at Manly West Public School, during the “Black Snake” experiment, which consists of using baking soda, a mixture of sugar and a catalyst.

According to the local ambulance service, weather conditions had an impact on the scale of the accident. “Today’s strong winds affected the experiment and scattered some materials,” said Acting Superintendent Phil Templeman.

A girl suffered multiple burns to her body and had to be flown to Westmead Children’s Hospital.

Another student also required specialized medical care for severe burns. He was taken to the same hospital in an ambulance.

The other children suffered superficial burns and were taken to area hospitals. The adult patient also received hospital care and is in stable condition.

“The children had burns on their upper bodies, chests, faces, and legs; fortunately, most of the students were not seriously injured,” Templeman said.

Education Minister Sarah Mitchell expressed regret over the incident, offered government support to those affected and said the case would be investigated.

“My thoughts are with the students and staff affected by today’s incident at Manly West Public School. I spoke with the principal this afternoon to offer my support to the entire school community and I would like to especially thank all of the school staff who have acted quickly to provide first aid and contact the emergency services. We will provide all the resources they need. It is needed by the school community in the coming days, including counseling for students and staff.”