November 30, 2023
Benvindo Zacarias

Students make memes involving Pinocchio and leak reactions

obmep Pinocchio

The seventeenth edition of the Brazilian Public Schools Math Olympiad (OBMEP), which took place on Tuesday (the seventh) with the participation of more than 18.1 million students from all regions of the country, was the most talked about topic on Twitter until the beginning. In the course of the post about the difficulty of the test, students leaked their completed answers and made memes with the character of Pinocchio.

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Some of the students who successfully completed all the questions posted a photo of themselves filling in their answers to determine the level of the test – color-coded based on the scores. Sixth and seventh graders took the yellow test; the eighth and ninth performed the pink test; High school has a blue notebook.

The program, organized by the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics (IMPA), is the largest scientific competition in the country, in this version covering 99.78% of Brazilian cities and more than 54 thousand schools. The competition, stimulated by funds from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI) and the Ministry of Education (MEC), aims to stimulate mathematics learning and identify young talent in the region.

Exams are administered and graded by schools based on instructions and templates prepared by IMPA. Students have 2 hours and 30 minutes to solve 20 problems.

The Globe I contacted the Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics and the Ministry of Education to inquire about the students’ leaked models, but had not received a response until this article was published.

Memes with Pinocchio

In hundreds of reports, students complained that the questions asked were difficult, saying that they did not learn computing in school. One of the most talked about questions about logical reasoning on social media is Pinocchio.

By saying to consider the correct statements that “Pinocchio always lies” and that he says “all his hats are green”, the test asked the students to select the correct answer about whether or not the character has hats, and whether it would be green.

On social media, students commented, “I don’t remember learning the color of Pinocchio’s hat in math class.” Another wrote: “OBMEP makes me wonder if Pinocchio is lying about wearing a hat, but also knows he’s wearing a yellow hat but could also wear a green one.”

One student even commented that the class asked the philosophy teacher to explain the character problem.

question answer

  • Question 06: Suppose both of the following sentences are true: Pinocchio always lies: “All my hats are green,” says Pinocchio. We can conclude from these two sentences that:
  • (a) Pinocchio has at least one hat.
  • (b) Pinocchio has only one green hat.
  • (c) Pinocchio has no hats.
  • (d) Pinocchio has at least one green hat.
  • (e) Pinocchio does not have green hats.

The form containing the correct answer to the question has not yet been released. But according to the education and education website, Brainly, there are two possible alternatives that can be considered valid.

(a) Pinocchio has at least one hat. Based on the sentence that Pinocchio always lies, it is a lie only if he has at least one hat that is not green, so he will not have many green hats, but it can be concluded that he has at least one hat, or not. . green hats (e) Pinocchio does not have green hats.