September 30, 2023
Study: Butanvac elicits more antibody response than mRNA vaccines - 01/29/2022

Study: Butanvac elicits more antibody response than mRNA vaccines – 01/29/2022

a Bhutanvac, a Covid-19 vaccine candidate, induced relatively more antibodies that can neutralize the virus in participants than current mRNA vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer), according to a study. study The initial report was released on Friday (28).

“The NDV-HXP-S vaccine neutralized antibody responses against wild type (native) Sars-CoV-2 that matched what we see after mRNA vaccination, but the proportion of neutralizing antibodies in the response was higher for NDV-HXP,” said Florian Kramer. , world in any person College of Medicine in multiple Sinai in New York, where the vaccine is being developed, in an interview with Reuters.

The research was conducted in Thailand but has not yet been published in scientific journals or peer-reviewed. The broken version is also being tested in Vietnam and Brazil. The first clinical trials of an active version of the virus are taking place in Mexico and the United States.

About ButanVac

The vaccine uses a viral vector that contains protein escalate from new Corona Virus entirely. The virus used as a vector is Newcastle disease, an infection of birds. Hence the international name for ButanVac: NDV-HXP-S (Newcastle disease virus – HexaPro – escalate).

ButanVac will be produced entirely on Brazilian soil from inoculating the viral vector into fetal chicken eggs – the same technology as the vaccine against flu (pain). In addition to being cheap and widespread, this technology is Botantan’s specialty: the institute produces 80 million vaccines annually from pain using eggs.