July 21, 2024

Study shows Coronavac protected 93% of healthcare workers

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Pesquisa mostrou que entre os mais expostos pelo vírus, que tomaram a vacina, apenas 7% tiveram a doença, enquanto 50% dos não vacinados foram infectados
Pesquisa mostrou que entre os mais expostos pelo vírus, que tomaram a vacina, apenas 7% tiveram a doença, enquanto 50% dos não vacinados foram infectados
Credit: Disclosure - Putantan Institute

Research has shown that of those most exposed to the virus who received the vaccine, only 7% became ill, while 50% of those unvaccinated became infected. Image source: Disclosure – Instituto Butantan

Coronavac has been very effective in preventing Covid-19 in health professionals. This is revealed by a study published in the journal Human Vaccines & Immunotherapeutics. According to research, Coronavac has an efficacy of 93% for preventing Covid-19 in Turkey. In Brazil, the immune system is produced by the Butantan Institute, in partnership with the Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac.

A survey conducted by Yildirim Beyazit University School of Medicine, between July and August of last year, showed that among those most exposed to the virus, and those who took the vaccine, only 7% fell ill, while 50% of those who were not exposed to the virus. They were vaccinated.

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The test involved an analysis of 628 people, of whom 536 volunteers had been vaccinated and 92 (14.6%) had not been vaccinated against Covid-19 with CoronaVac. Of the 92 unvaccinated subjects, only one had been vaccinated with two doses of BioNTech as of June 2021. HCP was excluded because it was fully vaccinated and the total number of unvaccinated staff was 91 (14.5%). A third dose was administered to 355 subjects; These were BioNTech at 302 (85.1%) and CoronaVac at 53 (14.9%).

Of the people vaccinated with Coronavac, 38 (or 7%) developed Covid-19 after vaccination and did not require hospitalization; 146 of them (27%) had contracted the disease before receiving the vaccine. Among the unvaccinated participants, 46 became ill.

A phase III clinical study, conducted in Turkey, showed 83.5% efficacy of the vaccine against symptomatic cases of Covid-19 and 100% against severe disease. The researchers concluded that the vaccine protected 65.9% of symptomatic cases, 87.5% against hospitalization and 90.3% of hospitalization, according to CNN.

Turkish scientists highlight the effectiveness of the immune system “Given that nearly 80% of Covid-19 cases in our analysis occurred before the vaccination of the vaccinated group, we believe that CoronaVac is more effective in preventing disease than previous data indicated.”

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