March 25, 2023

Subway is for sale and could be a good investment

Can you imagine being able to call Subway for you? And we are not talking about a file franchise, but the entire network specializes in healthy sandwiches. According to Reuters news agency, Subway is looking for a buyer. To be converted, it must be purchased for 10 billion US dollars.

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In 2021, similar news circulated on social media, that Subway would be for sale. Shortly thereafter, the company issued a notice stating that the news was false. It’s possible, though, that the chances of a sale are greater now, given the popularity the company has gained in recent years.

Even in its initial phase, it is possible to imagine that the opportunity will catch the eye of many potential people buyersWhether it is companies or other companies in the food industry.

It is still not possible to tell if there are any negotiate In progress, as the company does not comment on its business plans.

Subway climb

One of the main points of Subway is that the company claims to always strive to use components in the best possible condition and in all units of the Subway series. Fast food. According to the company’s website, everything is really fresh, including the store-bought bread, which must be baked daily.

The first store opened in 1965 in Milford, Connecticut. The curious fact is that the company is still one of the two families that opened this shop in the mid-1960s.

Since then, the network has grown significantly, and it can be found in more than a hundred countries, as its 37,000 branches are spread all over the world.

The three basic principles of companywhich have been preserved since its opening until today, are:

  • Never stop developing to improve the brand;
  • provide exceptional customer service;
  • Having tasty and high quality options on the menu, all at an affordable price.