September 28, 2023
SulAmérica (SULA11) announces its purchase;  CSN (CSNA3), Valid (VLID3) and Copel (CPLE3) provide earnings information and more news

SulAmérica (SULA11) announces its purchase; CSN (CSNA3), Valid (VLID3) and Copel (CPLE3) provide earnings information and more news

InfoMoney Radar this Thursday highlights SulAmerica’s purchase of Sompo Saúde Seguros for R$230 million and dividends distributed by CSN (CSNA3), Copel (CPLE3), Valid (VLID3) and EDP (ENBR3).

South America (SULA11)

Sul América has reported that its subsidiary Sul América Companhia de Seguro Saúde has signed a contract with Sompo Seguros to acquire 100% of the shares of Sompo Saúde Seguros, for R$230 million.

Sompo Saúde is a health insurance company that currently serves approximately 116,000 beneficiaries and has a strong presence in the state of São Paulo. It is controlled by Sompo Seguros, a subsidiary of Sompo Holdings Group, one of the largest insurance groups in Japan and the world, with 130 years of experience in the market.

“When completed, the transaction will strengthen SulAmérica’s related position in the city and metropolitan area of ​​São Paulo, reaffirming its growth strategy in the health and dental sector, adding approximately R$650 million annually in revenue and significantly supporting the company’s results, Including through operational synergies that will be achieved.”

CSN’s Board of Directors has agreed to pay, as an advance payment of the mandatory minimum dividend, interest on equity in the amount of R$256.952 million, to the earnings account calculated on the balance sheet prepared on November 30, 2021.

The amount corresponds to the total amount of 0.19150790423 R$ per share. Interest on equity will be paid to shareholders by May 30, 2022. Shareholders registered with the Banco Bradesco SA Depository on January 4, 2022 are eligible for JCPs.

From 01/05/2022 onwards, the trading of the shares of this company will be carried out on the Brazilian Stock Exchange without rights to the respective interest on the capital.

Coppel announced that the board of directors set the expectation of part of the interest on equity, instead of dividends for 2021, at R$ 240 million, resulting in a gain in the 2021 result of R$ 81.6 million. And keeping cash in the range of 45.6 million Brazilian riyals.

The proposal will reward shareholders with company shares on December 31. The amount distributed and the date of payment will be approved by the annual general meeting of shareholders. The council also ordered the submission of periodic sustainability newsletters to the council.

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valid solutions (VLID3)

Saleh announced on Wednesday that the board of directors agreed to pay interest to equity shareholders for the year 2021 in the total amount of R$23.145 million, or R$0.29 for every 79.713 million ordinary shares.

brazilian perfume waterENBR3)

EDP ​​Brasil has announced the payment of interest on equity (JCP) in the amount of R$454.8 million to holders of the company’s shares until January 4, 2022. From the next day, January 5, the interest-free shares will be negotiated – without the right to payment. The company did not specify a date for the payment, but said it will be made until December 31, 2022 without correction.

sync bracket (SYNE3)

Syn Prop and Tech, formerly Cyrela Commercial Properties, together with CCP/CPP Parallel Holding Cajamar I LLC, has purchased 5 commercial floors of Tower D in Sector “C” of Condomínio WTorre JK for R$51.5 million.

The property is located on Avenida Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek in São Paulo. Looking at the parking spaces, the area is 2,283.22 m². Syn accounts for 30% of purchases, and Parallel LLC 70%.

positive (3 . point of sale)

Positivo announced that it has signed a contract with TSE – Supreme Electoral Tribunal for the supply of 139,415 thousand electronic voting machines, worth R$844.931 million. This represents 79% of the total number of ballot boxes provided for in the bid. On Monday, the company announced a contract to purchase 176,000 ballot boxes.

On December 21, Braskem announced that it had signed a contract modification regarding the supply of gas by Bahiagás (Companhia de Gás da Bahia). The contract provides for the supply of 975,000 cubic meters per day for the period between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022 in the amount of R$751.786 million.

Bahiagas is controlled by the government of Bahia, Mitsui and Gaspetro, controlled by Petrobras, which owns 47.03% of the voting capital and 36.15% of the total share capital of Braskem.

Alupar announced that its subsidiary Transmissora Serra da Mantiqueira, in which it owns 51% of the total share capital of the company, has received from the operator of the National Electrical System (ONS) a term allowing receipt of revenue from December 23, 2021, approximately for 8 months from its activation .

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Thus, the allowable annual revenue (RAP) of R$120 million will be added for the 2021 and 2022 cycles. The total project investment to be consolidated will be approximately R$893 million.

The project is located in the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and consists of the implementation of a 500 kV transmission line between Fernao Dias and the Rio station with a length of 330 km.

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