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Summary of chapters for the week of April 11-16 · TV news

Summary of chapters for the week of April 11-16 · TV news

Monday 4/11 (Chapter 13)
In the Pantanal, Irma threatens Philo when she finds out about Tadeo. Jose Leoncio is surprised to see his sister-in-law. Philo argues with Jose Leoncio about Irma. Irma tells Jose Leoncio that Joffe thinks he is dead. Irma seduces Jose Leoncio.

Mariana gets angry when she learns that Irma has gone to the Pantanal. Madeleine’s sister leaves the Pantanal. Madeline asks for an explanation from her sister. Jove delights in the stories about José Leôncio. Antero Irma keyboards. Jove plays poker with Antero. Jose Leôncio and Filó are dating. Antero suffers from a sudden illness and Gioventino is terrified.

Tuesday 4/12 (Chapter 14)
Mariana suffers from Antero’s death. Gioventino asks Irma about the lie her grandfather told him by the family. Twenty years have passed. He hires José Leôncio Tibério to command the pawns. Lucio tries to convince Moda to forget his revenge on Jill and Maria.

Madeleine blames Irma for being a bad influence on Juventino. Lucio gives up on helping Moda’s revenge. Tadeu complains that he was not chosen to run the farm. Maria Maroua finds Moda lost before Taftira.

Wednesday, 4/13 (Chapter 15)
Moda pretends not to speak and Juma asks her mother not to shoot her. Jose Loncio warns Tiberio to stay away from Maria Marua. Lucio decided to stay in the Pantanal because of Moda. Maria Maroua holding Moda as she tries to get her gun. Madeline takes Juventino to a therapist and finds his mother’s behavior strange.

Maria Maroua disappears and Juma is suspected of Moda. Lúcio fights Marruá jaguar. Tiberio and Tado Jagonsu are found nearly dead on the river bank. Madeleine invites Gustavo to dinner. Mariana holds Nayara and Gioventino together. Juma buries his mother. Juventino finds letters from Jose Leoncio in Irma’s room.

Thursday 4/14 (Chapter 16)
Irma tries to explain herself to Gioventino and encourages the boy to write to his father. Tiberius and Tadeus are suspicious of Lucius’ story. Madeleine discovers that Gioventino has written to his father. Juma hears a Jaguar near the house and thinks it’s his mother. Lucio appears at Juma’s house and Moda asks him to leave.

Madeleine confronts Juventino. Gota arrives at Tenório’s house and has a clash with Alcides. Tiberius interrogates Lucius, who is frightened. Jagonsu threatens Moda to kill Juma. He faces Guta Tenorio. Jumaa suffers from the loss of her mother and Moda consoles her. Ari takes Juventino’s letter to Jose Leoncio. The old man appears from the river to Lúcio.

Friday, 4/15 (Chapter 17)
Lucius dies. Jose Leoncio visits the Tenorio farm. Alcides passes through the fields after Guta. José Leoncio is moved by Juventino’s message and Tadeo cannot hide his jealousy. Juventino arranges the details of his trip to the Pantanal.

Jose Leoncio decided to throw a party to welcome his son. Mariana is afraid that she will run out of money from her daughter-in-law and Irma talks to her nephew. Tiberio goes to Maria Maroua’s house and finds out that she has been murdered. Jose Leoncio cleaned his father’s saddle and offered Tadeu to do the job.

Saturday 4/16 (Chapter 18)
Jose Leoncio tells stories about his father around a campfire. Levi tries to lure Tado with his brother. Juventino invites Irma to go with him to the Pantanal. Jose tells Leoncio Velo that he does not want his son to know that he has a brother. Gotta decides to leave and Alcides prepares to go with her.

Tenório is considering joining his daughter with Joventino. Tadeo takes Gioventino to the farm. Juma was surprised to see the plane. Gioventino and Zee Leoncio embrace each other in passion. Madeleine complains to Gustavo. Juventino and Jose Leoncio begin to notice the differences between them.

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