August 14, 2022
Summary of the chapters of the week from 4/18 to 23/4.  TV news

Summary of the chapters of the week from 4/18 to 23/4. TV news

Monday, 4/18 (Chapter 127)
Flávia / Guilherme was captured. Guilherme/Flávia suspects Ronnie’s guilt in Pink’s arrest. Paula and Ninem confirm Karem’s suspicions. Guilherme/Flávia announces that he will not marry anymore and Selena celebrates.

Karem blackmails Ninem and Paula. Flávia/Guilherme tries to explain her situation to Torres and Prado. Gabriel decided to produce the Morello band. Rose receives an offer to work abroad. Karem returns to the position of President of Wollinger Terrare.

Tuesday, 4/19 (Chapter 128)
Paula/Nenim refuses Karem’s massage. Joanna meets Flavia/Gilherme at the surgical center. Rose tells Paula/Ninem that she is going to work in Paris. Ronnie, Korra Jukka and Odette are forced to work in Pulp Fiction. Before Tigrao secretly and watched by Tina. Paula / Ninem reveals to Ingrid that Tonya is her grandmother.

Wednesday, 4/20 (Chapter 129)
Ingrid is angry at Ninem/Paola. Edson and Tate conspire against Osvaldo. Flávia/Guilherme will talk to Roni. Ingrid is hostile to Tonina. Paula/Baby regrets telling Ingrid the truth.

Gabriel is upset by Tina’s look at Tigger. Rose tells Guilherme/Flávia that she is going to work in Paris. Ingrid argued with Ninem/Paola. Flávia / Guilherme makes an offer to Roni. Tate bests Edson and Nida blames Osvaldo.

Thursday, 4/21 (Chapter 130)
Edson reinforces Osvaldo’s guilt in hit and run. Selena breaks down when she learns that her son wants to sell the clinic. Ingrid makes peace with Tonya. Tina settles down with Gabrielle. Flavia/Gilherme gets sick and Paula/Nenim helps her.

Flávia / Guilherme says goodbye to Tigrão. Daniel tells Guilherme/Flávia that he will sign the sale of the clinic. Flávia/Guilherme feels bad again and worries Odaílson.

Friday, 2/4 (Chapter 131)
Paula/Bibi asks Rose not to go to Paris. Odailson told Guilherme/Flávia that he saw Flávia feeling ill. Bianca feels bad and asks for Ronnie’s help. Gilherme/Flavia can’t talk to Flavia/Gilherme. Guilherme pursues Flávia and Ninem/Paula and Paula/Nenim Flávia/Guilherme, who has lost consciousness on the boat.

Saturday, 4/23 (Chapter 132)
Gilherme/Flavia’s Concerns for Flavia/Gilherme’s Life. Ronnie gets angry when he learns that Morello’s band is playing at another bar. Selena tries to prevent the sale of the Guilherme Clinic.

Karem arrives at the International Cosmetics Fair. Ninem/Bola and Paula/Nenim discover why Flavia/Gilherme is feeling ill. Rose hears a child calling her at the airport.

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