March 1, 2024
Summary of the chapters of the week from 5/30 to 6/4 · TV news

Summary of the chapters of the week from 5/30 to 6/4 · TV news

Monday, 5/30 (Chapter 55)
Alcides offers to help Levi kill Tenorio. Jose tells Leoncio Filho and Irma that Jose Lucas is his son. Philo feels hurt when Jose Leoncio questions Tadao’s paternity. Ari tells Geoff that Tiberius is on the mend.

Moda is embarrassed when he learns that Tiberius called her while he was ill in the hospital, and Juma is suspicious. Tenório catches Maria Bruaca with Alcides and Levi. Jove comments with José Leôncio about the similarity between José Lucas and Velho do Rio. Moda reveals to Juma that he released Levi and asks him to kill Tenorio.

Tuesday, 5/31 (Chapter 56)
Juma Moda reminds of the words of Felho do Rio. Levi confronts Tenorio. Tenorio tells Gota that he cannot leave his three other children. Levi succumbs to the seduction of Maria Broca, who ends up losing. Tenorio is jealous of his wife.

Alcides threatens Levi, because he wants to know what the pawn did to the chief. Gotha and Ziva feel sorry for Maria Broca. Tenório feels victory when he sees that his wife has once again shouldered her burden. Gotta is intrigued by the sudden change of her mother.

Trinidad José Lucas warns to be careful with the pawn’s interest in Juma. Alcides told Levi that once Tenório returns from São Paulo, he will be able to fulfill his promise to Moda.

Wednesday, 6/1 (Chapter 57)
José Lucas Jove gives tips on how to play the trumpet. Moda tells Juma that he will restore his life in Sarandë. Jove and Tadeu argued, and Jove decided that José Lucas should lead the delegation. Trinidad recognizes in José Lucas the authority of Leontius.

Gotta tells his mother that Marcelo was the only person he ever loved. Tadeu refuses to go out in the entourage organized by Jove. Juma told Jof that she will not have a child. Velho do Rio is happy to see Jose Lucas in the entourage next to Jove.

Philo asks Ari not to tell Jose Leoncio that Joffe left with the pioneers. Gotha searches for Tadeu. Muda regrets the request he made to Levi and asks for a pawn to spare Tenório a life. Gouta despairs when he sees an anaconda in Taftra Juma, where she is alone with Tadeo.

Thursday 6/2 (Chapter 58)
Tadeu prevents Guta from killing the anaconda. It’s hard for Jose Lucas to confront Joff on the entourage’s path. With Zaquieu’s encouragement, Mariana recorded a birthday video for Jove saying she loved him.

Tadeo feels guilty for letting Joffe out with his entourage in the face of bad weather. Filó doesn’t like José Leôncio blaming Tadeu for leaving Jove with the courtiers.

One of Tenório’s associates warns him not to expose himself due to an inspection by the Federal Revenue Service. Goff doesn’t like Jose Lucas’ decision to bring the herd back to the farm. Trindade warns that Satan advised the retinue’s return.

Friday 6/3 (Chapter 59)
Tenorio tells Maria Broca that they are in a difficult financial situation. Philo is relieved to see the arrival of the entourage. Irma records Jose Lucas as he looks at Juma. Philo tells Irma that Gota is not a woman for Tadeu.

Juma praises Jawf. José Leôncio promises to go with Jove in the retinue to deliver the cattle with his son. Filó and José Leôncio do not like to know that Tadeu asked Tenório for his blessing on the Guta date.

Philo argues with Jose Leoncio. Goff is surprised by the anger Juma feels towards Jota. Ari tells him that Tiberius has been discharged from the hospital. Tadeu finds Levi on Tenório’s farm.

Saturday, 6/4 (Chapter 60)
Moda becomes emotional when he sees Tiberius, but he doesn’t come close to being a pawn. Gotta stops Tadu from threatening Levi. Jose Leoncio tells Jose Lucas that he has no doubts that the pawn is his son.

Tiberius asks Moda to reveal Levi’s whereabouts. Moda tells Tiberio the truth about what led her to the Pantanal. Trinity says he has a chance of Irma being his.

Filó doesn’t understand why Juma doesn’t like Jose Lucas. Trindade asks Jose Lucas when he will assume he is Jose Leoncio’s son. Trindade tells Jose Lucas that if it’s Leoncio, he should find Marua in the woods.

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