September 30, 2023
Summary of the chapters of the week from January 10 to 15 · TV news

Summary of the chapters of the week from January 10 to 15 · TV news

Second, 1/10 (Chapter 55)
Gabriella tries to reassure Ilana about the birth. Rebecca decides to go out with Felipe and turns off her cell phone. Breno suffers from the loss of one of his twins. Barbara discovers Tullio’s affair with Ruth. Stephanie helps Erica make a change.

Tullio orders Christian/Renato to persuade Barbara not to tell Santiago about his affair with Ruth. Cecilia console Brno. Rebecca is desperate when she finds out what happened to Ilana and asks Felipe to take her to the hospital. Cecilia sees her mother kissing Felipe. Cecilia tells Breno what she saw and kissed.

Tuesday, 11/1 (Chapter 56)
Brino pushes Cecilia away. Nukka refuses to talk to Lara about her son. Santiago hands out invitations to Christian / Renato for an exhibition to go with Barbara. Matthews agrees to go with Lara to the same fair. Breno abandons Cecília’s campaign and Ilana criticizes him. Felipe finds Julia fainted at home. Joy spends the night with Damon and Ravi confronts her.

Matthews gives up going to the fair with Lara and suggests she go with Marie. Santiago asks Christian / Renato to take Luan to the fair. Lara finds Christian/Renato, and the two children are lost.

Wednesday, 1/12 (Chapter 57)
Mateus arrives at the fair and is despondent when he discovers that Lara has been lost to Marie because of Christian/Renato. Luan goes to Lara, who finds Mary. Santiago is sick. Felipe asks Julia to go home with him. Matthew argues with Lara. Joey suggests running away with Damon.

Rebecca sees Tlio and Ruth together in company. Rebecca ends up with Felipe. Cecilia comments to Bella that she needs to face Breno. Brno rejects Cecilia’s calls and informs Ilana. Rebecca gives Tulio an ultimatum. Rino is surprised when he finds Cecilia at her house.

Thursday 1/1 (Chapter 58)
Brino talks to Cecilia. Ruth asks for payment to leave the company. Tolio forces Christian / Renato to defraud the company’s financial report. Ilana finds Rebecca’s situations strange. Matthew decides to travel with Mary. Lara confesses to Nuka that she still loves Christian / Renato.

Elenice receives a subpoena. Christian / Renato has changed the company’s payment report and moved it to Santiago. Cecilia complains to Nicole that Brino has turned away from her. Joy leaves Ravi, Francisco and Jasmine. Elenice tries to seek advice from Christian/Renato about the subpoena she received. Ravi meets Joy at the bus station with Damon.

Friday, 14/1 (Chapter 59)
She insults Joey Ravi who blames Christian/Renato for their breakup. Rebecca complains of Tulio’s indifference. Breno talks about Cecilia in therapy. Rebecca can’t talk to her daughter. Joy complains about where Damon is. Ruth picks up Tullio at the Redentor with a new car.

Damon takes Joey’s money. Inasia leaves Jasmine to take care of Francisco. Tullio scares Christian / Renato. Nuka Lara expects someone from her past to return to her life. Helena suggests that Nicole break up with Paco if she wants to lose weight. Christian / Renato discovers that Ravi has abandoned Francisco. Ravi searches for Lara.

Saturday 15/1 (Chapter 60)
Noka tells Ravi that Lara has traveled to Poso Feliz. Christian / Renato meets Jasmine with Francisco and tries to talk to Ravi. Joey threatens to tell the truth about Christian/Renato if Ravi doesn’t help take care of Francisco. Ronnie teases the outfit that Stephanie gets from Erica.

Erica is desperate when she sees her injured sister and asks Santiago for help. Christian / Renato is concerned when he learns that Ravi has gone to Poso Velez in search of Lara. Lara and Matthew reconcile. Santiago sees something strange in the financial report and asks Christian/Renato for an explanation.

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