July 4, 2022
Summary of the São Pollux Palmeiras report stating a knife and names of detainees

Summary of the São Pollux Palmeiras report stating a knife and names of detainees

Referee Matheus Delgado Candançan reported in the scoring sheet all the events that took place in The semi-finals of the Copa Sao Paulo were played on Saturday (22), in the Arena Barueri, which Palmeiras won with a score of 1-0 over Sao Paulo.. There was little. Including field raids and a knife.

The document also contains the names of the fans who stormed the field and were arrested for giving testimony after the match. The referee does not claim that the knife on the lawn was brought to the field by one of the invaders. According to his version, the knife could have been thrown into the field.

“(…) Several objects were thrown into the field of play, among them: pieces of benches, slippers, plastic cups, and also a knife, which were handed over to the judging team and sent to Team J.ECRIM From the stadium,” the document stated.

Three fans have been identified

The score sheet written by the referee identifies three fans involved in the incident and also reports throwing objects in the direction of Assistant Number 2.

“At 45 + 2 of the first half, the match was stopped due to a plastic bottle being thrown into the field of play by a fan of the São Paulo FC. To the assistant number 2 Mr. Jose Lucas Candido de Souza, also coming from the São Paulo FC fan,” stated In the following document.

“In the 27th minute of the second half, a São Paulo fan broke into the field of play, and was soon expelled by the police. This fan was identified by Jecrim delegate Dr. Cesar Saad as Mr. Williams Cristiano da Silva RG 44,183,038”, continues .

“At 45 +5 minutes of the second half, the match was suspended due to the invading fans of the São Paulo soccer team, and the following fans were recognized by JECRIM: Mr. Gabriel Bazarello Caires de Jesus, RG 52.277.200- 6, who arrived hit by blow SE Palmeiras player No. 04 paid Mr. Lucas de Freitas Molarinho Chagas and Mr. Fábio Cristiano da Silva RG: 44.183.013-4 and another unidentified fan. They were contained by the São Paulo FC athletes and the police,” the text continues.

“At this time of the invasion, several objects were thrown onto the field, among them: pieces of seats, slippers, plastic cups, and also a knife, which were given to the referee team and sent to JECRIM on the field. Indeed, we have asked the police, with Mr. Cap PM Alexandre Rodrigues Abbara RE 940004-4 as official, ensured the continuity of the match, during which he ensured the safety of all athletes and fans in the stadium.” .