September 30, 2023
Sunday: Maria comments on her expulsion from BBB22 and reveals the reason for the aggression

Sunday: Maria comments on her expulsion from BBB22 and reveals the reason for the aggression

This Sunday (20), plus barbarian Who was the last to be removed from BBB22, Marya It was Sunday with Hack. She was a singer and actress Disqualified from the program for assault Natalia. She commented on her participation in the reality show and revealed the details of her expulsion.

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Marya Provide details about the aggressive stance he took with him Natalia: “The moment I did it [bati o balde na cabeça de Natália]It was obvious that I didn’t know what to do.”

She even said that she took such a measure out of the heat of the moment. According to the artist, the dynamics of the game will make her feel excited: “In that moment, I felt provoked. It was a game and we ended up reacting in a way we didn’t expect.”.

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The former BBB also revealed how she faced expulsion from the reality show. “I had no idea what would happen from now on.” She explained that she was afraid but agreed to the decision.

“From the moment I was invited to the confessional. I did not hesitate, I accepted. I heard, I was sad, but I understood. At first, I despaired, because you have no idea what awaits you here.”He said.

In addition, the singer gave details of how she was received in the production of the reality show.“I received a huge welcome, mainly from the BBB production team. And when I understood that I was no longer BBB’s Maria, a player, I just wanted to become Vitoria again”, He said.

Maria comments on society’s tendency to associate black women with aggression

In part of the conversationMarya open: “I’m someone who knows I have my aggressive tendencies, we, black women, often put in the place of anger.”

influencer permission aunt ipad, Who also participated in “Domingão”, agreed with the previous sister’s speech and highlighted: Just use this adjective [agressiva] For a black woman or animal. We can no longer turn ourselves into animals, we are no longer aggressive, we are responding defensively to something harmful that we encounter daily.”.

Aunt Bad Also highlight that the audience should welcome Marya And not just criticize it. On her Instagram, the influencer posted a post about it.

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