February 6, 2023

Super Bigode dolls are distributed in Venezuela

The dolls “Super Bigode” and “Super Cilita”, which respectively represent dictator Nicolás Maduro and his wife, Cilia Flores, were given as gifts to children in Venezuela during Christmas. According to Vice President Delcy Rodriguez, “more than 12 million games have been distributed nationwide”.

Dolls from the animated series “Super Mustache”

The cartoon appeared in 2019, with a proposal to support the regime’s rhetoric in which Lenín Moreno, then President of Ecuador, accused Maduro of causing protests against his government. At the time, the Venezuelan dictator did not take the accusations seriously, so the Cartons which presents him as a kind of superhero.

Maduro said in a sarcastic tone: “Moreno says it’s my fault, that I’m pulling my mustaches and overthrowing governments, and I’m already thinking of any other government I can pull out my mustaches for.” “I’m not Superman, I’m Super Sharp.”

The cartoon is about the Venezuelan superhero Super Bigod, who fights against the United States and its allies. Describe Donald Trump as the main villain of the “conspiracy”.

Logo Cartons It is: “With his iron hand,” a phrase the dictator repeated when he took office in 2013, and with which he threatened anyone who would diminish his ability to lead the executive branch after the death of Hugo Chavez.