February 6, 2023
Super Nintendo World already has a launch date in the US

Super Nintendo World already has a launch date in the US

It’s been a while Nintendo Universal is announcing a themed attraction inside the park In California, USA. Now we finally have an opening date: the park will debut on February 17, 2023. Come see what’s new at this fun facility!

Super Nintendo World in California

Two years after opening its first amusement park in Japan, Nintendo Deciding to expand to America, he chose it Universal Studios Hollywood To be the stage for its new attraction inspired by the colorful world of Mario.

Opening with a complete installation titled ‘Amusement Park’Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge‘ and will feature restaurants, toys, an official store, characters scattered throughout the park, and point-making challenges for visitors.

Super Nintendo World™ takes you to the world of Super Mario. Battle Bowser on the innovative Mario Kart™ ride, dine at the Toadstool Cafe™ and level up with themed sales.


The company plans to gradually expand the attractions to include characters from other games in the future. These facilities feature immersive and technological experiences that award visitors points that can be exchanged for products and prizes at the end of the tour.

Power up pads

Amusement park visitors receive interactive wristbands centered around the main characters that allow them to activate experiences within the park. You can collect points with them individually or as a team, unlock keys, complete challenges and unlock experiences with the game’s characters.

The watches work in conjunction with the mobile app (Image: Nintendo Blast)

Bowser’s Castle

An official Nintendo Store will be available Super Nintendo WorldVisitors can find all kinds of merchandise, along with an exclusive tour of the main attraction.Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge🇧🇷

Nintendo Mario Kart Amusement Park
Inside the Japanese facility (Image: Inside the Hook)

Toadstool Cafe

Finally, a Toad-themed restaurant with interactive displays, Mario Kart-themed decor, and exclusive and delicious snacks.

Toadstool Cafe Super Nintendo World Mario Kart California
The California restaurant features Japanese-style decor (Image: Melhor’s Destinos)

This restaurant is already established Super Nintendo World Japan, but much has been speculated about the completely different menu adapted for the new theme park Universal Studios Hollywood🇧🇷

Super Nintendo World Mario Kart Restaurant
Japanese and American cuisines are slightly different (Image: Happy Mac)

Meet and greet

Lovers Princess Peach He will be happy to take photos with her and with other characters strolling through the park facilities, in short, there will be no shortage of fun for anyone.

Mario and Luigi characters in Super Nintendo World theme park
Take a photo with Todd, Mario, Luigi and Yoshi (Image: tdr Explorer)

Super Nintendo World Opens on February 17, 2023 Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, California and promises to be a fully immersive and technological experience. More information can be found on Universal’s official website: www.UniversalStudiosHollywood.com🇧🇷

What did you think of the news? I was looking forward to meeting you.

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