October 3, 2023
Survival reality contestant found dead

Survival reality contestant found dead

Melanie Rauscher, a participant in reality show Largados e Pelados (Discovery Channel) has died at the age of 35. The information was provided by TMZ and confirmed by a friend of survival confinement. The death of the American mysterious circumstances.

Found dead In the guest room of a house in Prescottin the US state of Arizona, at 17. The house belongs to a family who called her to take care of their dogs while they were traveling.

according to kore CassonPolice Department Representative Prescottfound the couple raucher lying on the bed. Nearby, a few cans of compressed air – usually used to flick computers. The objects caught the attention of investigators, but it is not yet known whether they are related to the death of the American.

So far, clients have found neither a suicide note nor traces of drug use. Nor have they identified clues that would point to a murder, and so they are waiting for the coroner’s report to understand the cause of death.

the truth

Melanie raucher Participate in “Largados e Pelados” in 2013. In the program, two participants (usually a man and a woman) are left in a remote location without clothes, food, water or any other type of supplies. In this way, they need to join forces in order to survive in the midst of nature. She returned in 2015 for the spin-off: “Largados e Pelados – A Tribo”.

Jeremy Macka, who was also challenged on the show, mourned the death of his friend via his Facebook page. Facebook. “We had great chemistry on the show, and a friendship that words can’t describe blossomed. Her laughter was unique. Her friendship was incredible. Even though we weren’t of the same blood, we were a family. I can always count on her.” “We had many moments where we were supportive of each other. She was my wife in the swamp, my best friend, a strong woman, a wonderful person and I will always cherish the moments we had together,” he said.