July 21, 2024

SUS: Law enacted to extend cancer prevention to women

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SUS: Law enacted to extend cancer prevention to women
SUS: Law enacted to extend cancer prevention to women

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Law No. 14335 was issued expanding the scope of prevention, detection and treatment Cervical cancersand breast and colorectal cancer in women through the SUS, regardless of age.

Women from puberty onwards are entitled to free mammograms, cytology examinations and colonoscopy. Previously, these procedures were only offered to women 40 and over.

The publication came in the Official Gazette, last Tuesday (5/10), and the law will enter into force within 180 days.


Previous Law vs. Present Law

The previous law guaranteed women with disabilities adequate conditions and equipment to deal with these diseases. With the changes, this right has also been extended to elderly patients.

The text expands the list of procedures that must be performed to diagnose cancers and does not specifically refer to cytological examinations and mammographic examinations.

Colorectal cancer testing, which was not among the preventative measures for women, is now included in the SUS.

Another significant achievement is that the law gives a physician permission to request replacement or completion of examinations for his patients.

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The importance of early diagnosis

These types of crabs have a high incidence in the female population, especially in the southeastern and southern regions. In addition to including the concern for colorectal cancer within the procedures established by law, it promotes other relevant changes, such as ensuring access to colonoscopy and eliminating age references.

According to experts, with the new law, it will be possible to make an early diagnosis. Thus, treatment tends to be simpler and more effective for women, as well as a guarantee of reduced SUS expenditures with complex procedures, which is necessary in cases of advanced levels of cancer.

Senator Marcelo Castro (MDB-PI), a physician and former health minister, has confirmed that colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer affecting women after breast cancer. Physician, Senator Zined Maya (Pros-RN), also highlighted the importance of early diagnosis. Preliminary Proposal (PLS 374/2014) from former Senator Vanessa Grazioten (AM) (PL 6.554/2019).

“The enactment of Law No. 14335 creates a policy of screening for prevalent cancers that cause preventable deaths among Brazilian women. This amendment of the law creates the conditions for expanding the diagnostic possibilities of these diseases within the unified health system. The use of the independence of the medical specialist must always be strengthened to use the expanded coverage of This law through the use of evidence-based medicine, to properly indicate the tracing of these diseases to the target population, and not to unnecessary investigation in asymptomatic populations. The benefit of these tests. On the other hand, the possibility of using these tests for diagnosis in populations which were previously difficult to reach because they were not allocated in the age group for test availability contributes significantly to the programming of better structured care plans across the country within the state. SUS scope,” said family physician, Marcelo Gobo, professor at IMEPAC Centro Universitário and writer Column in PEBMED, in an interview for the portal.


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