Sutton Comedy Club: on ne badine pas avec humour

Sutton Comédie Club: on ne badine pas avec l’humour

You don’t fool around with humor in Sutton. Since last fall, the Sutton Comedy Club anchor gently into the habits, an evening at a time, one laugh at a time.

The man behind the idea, this is William Lacelle, a trained engineer, resident of Sutton, part-time and especially ending of the most recent cohort of the national School of humour. Instead of waiting for the contracts, the thirty-year-old has preferred to challenge fate, by going to knock directly at the door of the salle Alec & Gérard Pelletier, Sutton to offer him a Comedy club.

And although the humor is rarely at the heart of the programming in the small cultural center, the proposal of William Lacelle has been received positively by the management. A bold gamble, indeed, but not impossible. A first evening of humour was organized on October 13, 2018, and then a second in November. “It has been a success. Enough for what we are working on the third, ” says William Lacelle.

The next appointment will therefore take place this Saturday, the 26th of January, in the presence of comedian Didier Lambert as headliners. Charles-Olivier St-Cyr, Véronique Isabelle Fillion, Sam Cyr and Radicalice will also be on stage. Each time, it is William Lacelle, which handles the animation.

“It is still an embryonic project, but who has the ambition. It does not work yet with fixed dates, but the goal is to make it a month-to-month “, let-t-he hear.

New and ambitious in Sutton, the concept of a Comedy Club has been in existence for a long time in the big cities of the u.s. and even in Europe. It allows humorists — especially those of succession — to be heard publicly and to test their material in the relaxed atmosphere of a bar or a bistro.

Sutton Comédie Club: on ne badine pas avec l’humour

The headliner of the January 26, Didier Lambert


“The formula works well in Montreal and she has a big potential to Sutton. We are excited, ” says William Lacelle.

Especially as the salle Alec & Gérard Pelletier, was, in his opinion, ideal for this kind of events with its bar, its tables cabaret-style, the intimacy and the closeness between the stage and the audience.

“It’s like a mini-gala of humour each time. And these are very nice conditions for the comedians. The atmosphere is friendly and respectful. “

The Sutton Comedy Club is intended for residents of Sutton and the surrounding area, but also tourists in the city.

To maintain their interest, and encourage discoveries, and William Lacelle account of their offer of the variety, inviting new faces each time.

He has already announced that another evening of comedy is planned on march 2, featuring this time featuring Maude Landry, the recipient of the Olivier Discovery of the year 2018.

The young man also plans to bring the Comedy Club to the schedule for the month of April. Without fanfare, we are getting closer indeed to a month-to-month…


When: Saturday, January 26. The doors open at 19 pm and the show starts at 20 h.

Where: Salle Alec & Gérard Pelletier, Sutton


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