March 26, 2023

Swiss prosecutors accuse four bankers of concealing Putin’s assets

Four Swiss bankers are accused of withholding tens of millions of Swiss francs on behalf of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The four individuals were employees of the Swiss subsidiary of Gazprombank and included its CEO, Roman Abadan, he writes “Financial Times”.

According to the document, the bankers were criminally negligent in allowing accounts to be opened in Switzerland in the name of Sergei Roldugin, cellist and godfather of Putin’s daughter, without even questioning the source of the resources.

The indictment stated: “It is known that Russian President Putin’s income is officially just over 100,000 Swiss francs, he is not rich, but in reality he has huge assets that are managed by people close to him.”

However, a spokesperson for Gazprombank in Switzerland – which is closing operations due to Western sanctions – denied the allegations against the bank’s employees.

According to the indictment, the bankers signed off on statements that the cellist was not a “politically exposed person” — an official designation that would have drawn greater scrutiny — despite widely public revelations about his ties to Putin.

The cellist has assets of at least $50 million and plans to transfer another $10 million annually through fake companies and accounts.

Prosecutors allege that the bankers were aware of Roldugin’s true importance and connections.

The indictment further details that the companies in Roldugin’s name were set up by Banco Rossiya employees, who tried to hide their involvement using anonymous email addresses. The Bank of Russia is the bank of Russia’s leading politicians, its majority shareholder and chairman of the board of directors. [Yuri Kovalchuk] Considered Putin’s treasurer,” the indictment indicates.