August 18, 2022
Taddoo Schmidt will dance dressed up as a doll at parties · TV News

Taddoo Schmidt will dance dressed up as a doll at parties · TV News

A few days before the premiere of the movie Big Brother Brazil 22, Tadoo Schmidt mentioned that he should enter dressed as a doll at Globo’s reality parties. In the latest release, J.P. De Oliveira, Ponino, dressed up as one of the show’s masked assistants and participated in the party led by Britta Gil and Pablo Vitar.

“Yes, I’ll go in. I knew I could, and of course I would,” replied the presenter to Ana Clara Lima about whether to go to the most guarded house in Brazil. As for Rodson Victor, the former Fantastic said he wouldn’t go hungry if he was in Xepa. “I’ve never been beaten by food. Whatever I put in front of me I eat. I don’t have a problem with food.”

Schmidt has a difficult task ahead of him as he will replace Thiago Levert, who has left Globo and commanded the BBB22. The last two versions, in the presence of famous people in the cast, saved reality from stagnation and low ratings. Between successes and mistakes, the audience was known as “Titi” before the reality show after many years under the presentation of Pedro Biel.

BBB22 will have more news. the Comedian Rafael left Portugal CAT BBB He was replaced by Danny Calabresa. Previously Paulo Vieira won a weekly space to tell jokes. BBB and ex-influencer Rafa Kaliman will lead the BBB Bate-Papo, which takes place every Tuesday and is the first conversation with the exclusion or exclusion from the program. Ana Clara, on the other hand, will be taking on a new show called Fora da Casa, which airs on Gshow and Globoplay, Thursday, after BBB on Globo.

the Rafa Kalimann’s announcement as Bate-Papo BBB presenter on the 22nd edition of the show has angered many of the audience on social networks. After all, Ana Clara Lima was praised for her role. But the 28-year-old influencer was chosen by three factors: strength on social media, ability to resonate and training for the future.

according to the news, the three points previously mentioned made Globo climb Goiás. The first is the strength of Rava Kaliman in networks such as Instagram. There, she has 22.5 million followers. And just for comparison, Anna Clara has 9.6 million – less than half of Rafa’s.

As for the Big Brother Brasil directive, having someone this popular helps generate automated feedback and media for the program. The second reason relates specifically to this: to improve the memes typically generated by the BBB network that Rafa Kalimann has already shown the ability to “create”.

The third and final point is that the BBB network is a “school” of names Globo bet on that left BBB. Ana Clara Lima, and formerly Vivian Amorim, passed the orchestration. Today, the former BBB is loved by the audience who follow the show.

At Globo, there is an understanding that Rafa Kaliman has the ability to seize his opportunity. But the task will be difficult. The influencer underperformed on an entertainment show with interviews, The Forgotten Casa Kaliman. Globoplay’s allure was considered one of the worst of 2021.

The clues about the participants

This Sunday (9), during Fantástico, Globo dropped clues about participants. Director GB Oliveira, Boninho, also has Use your social networks To publish riddles that help to excite and confuse the audience.

Big Brother Brasil 22 will maintain the format of the previous two editions with invited participants, from the Camarote group, and anonymous participants registered through the Pipoca website.

One spoiler the BBB22 boss went through was “steady as a rock,” indicating Eileen Roach’s confirmation as one of the participants. Another clue says he “could be on Broadway,” referring to Thiago Abravanel, an actor with a career in musicals.

last week, Boninho has already released the first video with tips. Some of the bets were Aline Campos’ (formerly Riscado) names, due to the phrase “There comes and goes” – she was a poster girl and became known for the “Go Summer, Come Summer” commercial. And the candidate who “has two letters in his name” could be De Ferrero.

They are also named Fabiana Carla and Nayara Azevedo as possible names for the Camarote after raising doubts about her participation in the show by showing that she underwent a series of medical tests recently.

a Globo explained what it would be like to decorate the BBB22’s house. The reality show’s residency will be inspired by “everything that shone in the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s,” with neon scattered throughout the house and many colours. There will also be changes in the commander’s room, which will not be located in the main palace garden.

Cute still cautious Which will have a new button in the house. Ambiguous, the director hinted that the item would be used when the participants wanted to surrender. In the latest version, the “bureaucracy” of Lucas Pentedo’s departure has drawn criticism.