March 21, 2023
Tadeo Schmidt comments on his daughter Valentina declaring herself gay

Tadeo Schmidt comments on his daughter Valentina declaring herself gay

Tadeo Schmidt, 48, spoke out about his daughter Valentina’s announcement herself Like me And even commented after discovering it on the social media of the young woman.

In an interview with GNT’s “Papo de Segunda” program, the presenter of “Big Brother Brasil” (TV Globo) said that the discovery had changed almost nothing in the relationship between the two.

“That statement by Valentina didn’t change much in my mind. I had this thing: Will anyone ever be prejudiced against her? Nothing has changed for me. I can’t even say I welcomed her because… on a day like any other We continued to love each other the same way. It didn’t make any difference. My daughter remained the same,” he highlighted.

The broadcaster said he found out after a statement from his daughter on social media. In the chat, tell why Valentina did it this way.

“She spoke directly to the social network. She posted it there and we went to watch it on the social network. She knows that with me and her mother there is no reason to be a problem. Our community will be happier when we don’t even question it or discuss it. If we stop to think about it, it’s crazy to care about people’s sexual orientation. By the way, I talked about sex, but it’s a homosexual issue,” he said.

then presentedBBB“He said he thinks there is an evolution in society’s thinking.” I think society is going through an evolution. If we look at it, two hundred years ago, there were people who thought it was normal for us to have slaves. People argued that slavery was necessary. He noted that in the same way today there are people who question people’s sexuality and so on.”

GNT presenter Fabio Borshat questioned the family’s reaction to seeing Valentina’s post. “Nothing. There was no welcome because it wasn’t necessary, in my case. I think she came over to talk to us and said, ‘Valentina, it’s all right.’ You’ll be happy.” By chance, she’s dating a guy, we went out to dinner yesterday, more fun…”, he said.

The journalist also confirmed that he was troubled by speculation about the guidelines he would start defending just because of his daughter.

“If there was one thing I regretted, it was when Valentina made that statement, the prefect would say, ‘Look at Tadeu?'” That’s because his daughter is “kinda like that,” which is why he keeps defending these things. I have advocated this for a long time. I have championed all of these issues for a long time. And because I am my daughter, nothing has changed. It’s great. I want her to be happy the way you want her to be.”