March 25, 2023

Take care of yourself, Lyman? Bill Gates steps up at Heineken and stirs up a global brewery dispute; understand work

Bill Gates took the slogan Heineken Open your world (Open Your World) – Literally: He bought a stake in the Dutch beverage giant even though the billionaire himself admitted he’s “not a big drinker”. beer“.

Since February 17, the founder of Microsoft has entered the same market as Jorge Paulo Lemann and Ambev – on this date Gates informed the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM) of the acquisition of 3.76% of Heineken shares that were in the possession of Mexican gates feminine.

A separate document from the same date showed that Femsa sold 18 million shares it owned in Heineken Holding. Gates bought 10.8 million shares for 883 million euros (4.8 billion Brazilian reals) at current market prices.

However, this isn’t the billionaire’s first foray into the world of breweries. in 2007,

He bought a stake worth US$392 million (2 billion R$ at current exchange rates) in Femsa.

The Mexican, Coca Cola’s largest bottler, sold its brewery to Heineken in 2010, and the Dutch company is now in the process of winding up.

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Heineken bought but he doesn’t drink beer

Even though he bought the stake in Heineken, Gates has already admitted he’s not a huge fan of the beverage giant’s flagship product.

In 2018, in an “Ask Me Anything” chat session on Reddit, the billionaire said he was “not a huge beer drinker.”

“When I end up in something like baseball, I drink light beer to get into the vibe of all the other beer drinkers. Sorry to disappoint real beer drinkers,” he said at the time.

A study on the health risks of alcohol consumption was published last July and received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The study found that “stronger interventions” are needed, particularly for young people, “to reduce the significant global health toll attributable to alcohol”.

*With information from Reuters and Business Insider