December 6, 2023
"Take it by force" · TV news

“Take it by force” · TV news

Asylum Dera Pais will open her heart about the sexual violence she suffered in the past wet land. Chef Maria Broca (Isabel Teixeira) will be left shocked when she explains that she was forced into prostitution after she was a 12-year-old rape victim and was kicked out of the home by her family. “I was taken by force” will tell José Leoncio’s companion (Marcos Palmera) at the 9 a.m. Opera Globo.

In the Tuesday class (23) In the series adapted from Bruno Luberi, the nanny will take out all her “riva” from the machista she has encountered during her life: “There man This is worth take a couple century to We see one learns is being People! “.” We can’t generalize either,” varies sister (Camila Morgado).

“I battalions Of which on one Good…and this is the vast majority,” replies the mother Thaddeus (Joseph Loreto). But Carioca will defend the rhetoric that “not everyone” is bad. “You are He says that because he didn’t have a country house We see with what they truly! ‘, the ex-bitch will shoot.

You are Ever been in a Cortella house? “You will be surprised Maria. “Not only did I have it, but I was Women From life for a long time ”, says the character of Dera Pais, without feeling ashamed of her past. if it wasleonzio costume Do you know? ‘ asks the former kettle.

The inner woman will explain it I met the cattle directly in the brothel while passing an entourage. “with 12 general I m truly on one He had more pumpkins. I was taken by force,” Philo reveals. She was a rape victim, Donna Maria,” explains daughter marianna (Salma Egry).

Isabel Teixeira in the Pantanal

Maria will be shocked by Philo’s past

“And the Saleh Kabil In life because of it… like so many others girl There,” Chief Moda (Bella Campos) will lament. jota Julia Davala will ask about her friend’s family and the whereabouts of the rapist.

forum They are mine Potaro Outside the house… he said that on one could Approved What a shame…Look at that, ‘Philo will rebel’ vortex curse for his family. I went to the world… on one I didn’t even have a fully formed body,” Dera Pais’ character continues.

“As if the violence I experienced wasn’t enough”, “Princess” Trinity (Gabriel Satter). “he is… Most the world that we live This is it: Fayez men in naughty his and wepay me Bill! ‘, the cook will speak, make a feminist show.

“And the worst thing is that Philo is right!” , will support the former Bruaca team. “She’s right, but I don’t think it’s an absolute truth,” Irma insists. “Why You are that it fi From the wealthy…from the big city. Welcome For me, this I had to a house Power with the first What if Rest with me,” Habib objects ladies (Giuliano Cazari).

The redhead will say that men change, even if slowly. “If she is? Hello These forces are there I change things to tighten it step, because when the thingon one change from Takes in the loin It seemsAlways we! ‘, and poke the former bitch.

written by Benedetto Roy Barbosa And the adapted by Bruno LuberiThe TV series Pantanal will be on the air until October. Then Globo will appear for the first time TransitGloria Perez plot.

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