May 31, 2023
Taking a week off from social media reduces stress

Taking a week off from social media reduces stress

How do you take a break from social media? try to control Stress attempt to sleep we will, Eat in a balanced way and practice exercises Regularly 4 healthy lifestyle habits recommended to reduce anxiety and symptoms Depression and improve emotional well-being.

One study From the British University of Bath scientifically there is another one that can also be useful: Stop using social media for a week .

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Just taking a 7-day break from TikTok, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook can have positive mental health effects. That, the researchers explained, for some study participants, means that Fire at least 9 hours per week they dedicate it exclusively to hammocks.

Addiction to social networks

in the last 15 years Social networks have revolutionized the way we communicate. 29 million Spaniards Already actively using social networks and spend almost 2 Hours a day connected to them.

According to a ‘study on the use of social networks in Spain’ by Social media family the social network that has seen its community grow the most was Instagram From 7.4 million accounts in 2015 to more than 20 million accounts today.

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You are destined to enter 5% And the 25% of Internet users suffer from Social media addiction . In general, abuse of social networks occurs in Women In the case of men, there are more addicts Video games .

The factors that favor addiction to social networks can be very diverse. according to Brain 360 . Institute Which has programs to treat this type of addiction, has several things that affect:

  • psychological factors Low self-esteem, impulsivity, instability, shyness, lack of social skills, insecurity or Loneliness .
  • Personal and social factors A family ambiance, bullying
  • Networks allow Ease of access To a huge range of content, from shopping to gaming, that has a potentially addictive element.

Get off the grid for a week

The ability of social networks to reinforce addictive behaviors or generate anxiety is nothing new, but to what extent can stopping their use improve our mental health? This is what the research team did The University of Bath wanted to verify.

To do this, the researchers studied 154 people between the ages of 18 and 72 who used social media daily. Specifically, they spent an average of 8 hours per week on social media.

  • Basically, baseline scores for worry And the depression And the we will – It was received.
  • Almost half of the participants were asked to stop using Social media for a week The rest (the control group) were able to use it normally.

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