February 20, 2024
Tamar kills her second husband and slaps Muriel in the face.  See pictures · TV news

Tamar kills her second husband and slaps Muriel in the face. See pictures · TV news

Tamar (Juliana Xavier) will become a widow for the second time once Ona (Cayo Vegati) learns of divine wrath up close. origin. Shaken by another loss, Muriel (Raisa Batista) will put a hand in her daughter-in-law’s face and pull her out of the house by her hair. “This girl is damned. She killed our children,” he will exclaim on the Record Bible series.

The young woman has already gotten rid of the mistreatment of Er (Tiago Marques), who – which Choked to death As a punishment for violating God’s chosen one. in shock, Judah He (Tiago Rodriguez) handed her over to the shepherd, who was responsible for her pregnancy and then gave her brother the heir.

However, Onan will leave the woman full of disgust To refuse to go to extremes during sex. “He doesn’t go with it to the end. He just throws his seed into the ground,” Morell will explain to her husband, referring to the practice known as withdrawal.

The boy would also need to settle accounts with God for not giving a child to Tamar, who is responsible for the follow-up. To the descent that will allow the first coming of Jesus (Dodo Azevedo).

Actress Juliana Xavier as Tamar slapped in the face by Risa Batista, Muriel, in a scene from Genesis

Tamar was beaten by Muriel in Genesis

He will stumble and fall upside down out of the toolbox, He bleds to death with a machete in the back of his head. Tragedy will take away The character of Rhaisa Batista from the axis Backstage on Tuesday (2):

It’s her fault. She was the one who killed my children. Because of this damned my children died. I lost a second baby because of you bitch! You cursed. Killer snake!

Actress Juliana Xavier as Tamar from Raisa Batista's hair, Muriel, in a scene from Genesis

Muriel kicks Tamar out of her house

full of anger, Muriel will put her hand on Tamar’s face He grabs her by her hair and throws her in the middle of the street, despite the pleas of Judas. “Don’t you see? That girl is damned! Er and Onan died because of her. She killed our children. Get out of here. Get out of my country. Home,” the mother will roar.

Genesis is a free modification of the first book of the Bible. The series is divided into seven stagesAnd currently the record of the seventh exhibition: Jose the news Spread Synopsis of the biblical novel.

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