January 29, 2023
Tatá Werneck takes a stand in defense of Fiuk after a controversial interview

Tatá Werneck takes a stand in defense of Fiuk after a controversial interview

It was broadcast yesterday (02) in Multichoiceduring the programlady of the night“, from Tata Wernick, the controversial and long-awaited interview with Fayuk. After the web reacted negatively to the singer’s position, not sparing negative comments on it, the presenter decided to take a stand in defense of the singer.

Friends 🙂 Don’t attack Vuk no 🙂 He sent a very nice message thanking him and I also really thank him for going 🙂 It’s okay“,” wrote today (03) on Twitter.

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And in the responses to the tweet, the artist’s fans and followers respected her position, but kept their dissenting opinions. research:

Understand the controversy

For those who don’t remember the controversy, it all started after naming a netizen Matthew PhilipSaid, who co-recorded “Lady Knight” in August of this year:

Participated in the “Lady Night” audience with Vuk and It was terrible. He has the ability to make everything boring and almost made Tatá cancel the show because he didn’t like the jokes about him.“.

Then the topic spread on the Internet NS stammer to speak. She didn’t deny anything at all about what happened, but she made it clear that she loves Fayuk, tore off some praise for his former BBB21, stating that all is well between them.

Only now with the on-air interview, the tension has subsided. Fayuk He did not like some of the presenter’s questions and did not want to hide his unease. Altogether, his participation in “Lady Night” was numerous tracks and lasted just over 10 minutes. See excerpts from the program below: