March 30, 2023
Tate tells a lie about Jojo Todinho for pedestrians

Tate tells a lie about Jojo Todinho for pedestrians

Tati Quebra Barraco decided not to take care of the horned cows in ‘A Fazenda 13’ (RecordTV). Funkeira announced its decision to farmer Rico Melquiades, but when she commented on the topic she ended up making the mistake of spreading false news. Jojo Todinho, the hero of “The Farm 12”He did not take care of the animals while in confinement.

In the headquarters room, during the early hours of the day, Tate Cuibra Baraco had the face of a few friends, and Valentina Francavilla asked her if she was sad and claimed that she was calm.

I’m not. I’m just saying I won’t make any cows. I huh!

Erasmo Viana then wanted to know if Tate knew if Jojo Todinho had looked after the animals in “farm 12 “.” I haven’t seen another one [A Fazenda]. Did Jojo Todinho make any animals? “

“No,” said Tate, “I stayed in the kitchen. She didn’t do anything.” “Have you done nothing?” asked Erasmus. “But she was the only one cooking, right,” Tate explained. Erasmus corrected: “She did nothing. She cooked too much.”

funkeira also mentioned that she saw Jojo Todynho understood by the participants in the latest version of reality show About the fear of animals. She also assured that she would not do anything unsafe.

Cooked like hell. No animal did, but she warned that she wouldn’t. I preferred to stay in the kitchen and the men agreed. But here are many cooks now, right. I don’t care, but I’ll do something I feel safe with. It’s a cow, a horse and I’m not going to do that.

fake news

The 2020 Farm Champion, Jojo Todinho He has taken care of the animals throughout his time in confinement. She even starred in hilarious moments of singing, dancing, “heads” talks, and even scolding the animals on the show.

At the beginning of the latest version of reality Showing, the singer laughed at Victoria Villarim when she learned how to care for horse Leon. After the fight with MC Mirella in the kitchen, She asked for animal care, danced and sang “Mundo Bita” and hugged the animal.:

I’m going to comb this naughty boy. My friend, I can handle it. If he helps me, I will do everything.

during confinement, Jojo Todynho was encouraged to lose her fear of collecting chicken eggs. Funkeira struggled at first to gain courage, but was later mocked Libby Ribeiro for fear of animals.

Jojo Todynho starred in another scene worthy of becoming a meme in the final stage of confinement. The priceless moment happened when she was taking care of the donkey. a The singer had trouble dealing with the animal and even ran out of fear.

Watch other Jojo Todynho moments about animal care in “A Fazenda 12”:

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