March 30, 2023
Tati Quebra Barraco fears lawsuit by Anitta and Ivete Sangalo at A Fazenda 13 TV News

Tati Quebra Barraco fears lawsuit by Anitta and Ivete Sangalo at A Fazenda 13 TV News

in conversation with Solange Gomez Saturday night (16) in farm 13And Tate Brix Shack She made clear her fear of suing important people in the media such as Anitta and Ivete Sangalo. I was disturbed by a letter from Rico Melquiades He warned of this legal danger.

The former On Vacation with the Ex participant blew up fellow inmates in rural reality for records last Wednesday (13):

Everything is “cancelled” to these people, and these people are afraid to reveal, to show their faces, to cancel. The farm will be with unknown people, because they are not afraid to show their faces. You think you’re famous, you’re not famous, because Anitta and Ivete Sangalo are famous to me. There’s no celebrity here. Lots of celebrities, not even celebrities, if you think. Needle.

Tati did not like the comment She acquired it with Sol days later. “Oh, to me, Yvette and Anita are famous. Wow, if one doesn’t underestimate me. I got here with my leg up, looking at myself,” she said, and her friend agreed.

Then I commented on being careful about lawsuits. “But, well, listen to that… Oh, imagine, you want us to join the fight. Put the name Ivete, which has nothing to do with it. Put the name Anitta, which has nothing to do with it because I’m going to tell you something, any word we say wrong [Rico] It does not catch anything. Take it to you and me We say the wrong word in their name, How are we going to pay to treat these women? ‘, he asked himself.

Where do you watch The Farm 13?

The only service that has a 24-hour country reality broadcast, PlayPlus has At a price of 15.90 BRL Month. Unlike in previous seasonsRecord now offers more than one camera for subscribers to follow what’s happening at the reality show headquarters.

The platform offers 14 days of free use to those who have never signed up for the service. After this period the user starts paying the monthly fee. In addition to the nine cameras and full episodes of A Fazenda 13, Record’s streaming offers series, series, newsletters, and shows on the station.

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