March 30, 2023
Teacher expelled after giving 10th grade to all students in Spain

Teacher expelled after giving 10th grade to all students in Spain

A teacher in Spain has been dismissed from an educational institution after giving the highest grades to all of his students. Ivan Pozuelo, Professor of French at IES Universidad Laboral de Gijón, published a book explaining the reasons for his high grades and his educational philosophy.

According to El Comercio, Pozuelo learned of a sentence imposed by the Spanish Ministry of Education on July 27 last year, as a result of a procedure that began on January 31, 2020. He had 14 years in the field. . IES work university.

About 2,500 pages were written against the professor, as well as a recommendation for the professor to leave 8 months of absence and without pay.

The punishment came after the discovery of an interview given by the professor in December 2019 with the newspaper, in which he stated that “by giving up the role of the assessor, one can also study” and that “10 is within the law” and that the degree was awarded to all, in this way their students gained “confidence” . In this way, he believed in celebrating any development of his students.

According to the post, the accusation against the professor is that if he had qualified he would have harmed “the right to objective evaluation”, as well as committing a “failure to properly program the course”.

The professor told the newspaper that the situation was “persecution” and says that “never parents nor students complained about the system.”

There are more serious cases in institutes and everyone in the union knows this: sexual harassment, people who arrive in poor condition, who insult … but they did not like that I did not back down, when they asked me to do which – which

The professor appealed the currently suspended sentence. Pozuelo stopped teaching at IES de La Laboral and, in September, began teaching at the Integrated Center for Professional Training in Hotel Management in Gijon – where he intends to continue with the same teaching method.