December 6, 2023
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Technology: How to clear your phone’s memory

Initially, the lack of storage memory on the smartphone can cause many problems, such as slow device, difficulty in installing new programs and applications, and crashes of the entire system. Fortunately, there are very practical ways to clean your phone.

Even on devices with large internal storage, you will eventually find that your mobile device is slow. Moreover, the cause of this problem could be related to the large amount of data stored on your smartphone.

Since it is a device for everyday use, necessary not only for pleasure but also for work, it is important to always be ready for any eventuality. However, even the smartest and fastest devices can end up having problems due to having a full internal memory.

The process of cleaning your phone’s memory, whether it’s Android or iOS, is not difficult. With just a few steps, you can delete files and apps from the operating system and make your phone as fast as new. In this way, we will see what to do to clean your smartphone quickly and efficiently.

Android phone

1 – Uninstall unused apps

Over time, it is common for you to fill your cell phone with apps and gadgets that you end up not using in your daily life. Sometimes you don’t even remember it was there. However, to delete it, go to “Settings – Applications”. Find the apps that are taking up the most memory space and click on the “Uninstall” button.

2 – Pre-installed apps

It is common for some manufacturers to fill the phone with useless applications. Similarly, some games and gadgets can be consumable, that is, there is no problem in deleting them from your cell phone. Again, go to “Settings – Applications”, choose the program and click “Uninstall”.

The smartphone will warn that the app can be linked to others, so that they can no longer work. In short, if it is not necessary for the system, you can delete it without any problems. Click on “Disable Application”. In case of any inconvenience, you can go to the “Disabled” tab and reactivate it.

3 – Clear Gallery

You can go to your phone gallery and choose the photos you want to delete. It is a good choice to ensure more storage space on your cell phone. You can delete various photos and videos. You can use Gallery Doctor, for example, to monitor which photos are good or which shouldn’t be kept on your smartphone.

4 – Clear app cache

This is a slightly more complicated option. Some programs like Whatsapp cache your photos and videos, so you need to be careful. Many apps fill up the device cache unnecessarily. Therefore, to free up more space on your mobile phone, it is easy to clean.

Go to Settings-Applications, and look for apps that store a lot of information. Tap on Storage, and choose Clear Data or Clear Cache. The second option deletes temporary data.

iOS mobile

1 – Use mobile websites instead of apps

You can find a variety of apps on the App Store. However, they can consume a large amount of your phone’s internal memory. Fortunately, you can use web applications in your browser, which saves a lot of space on your iPhone, such as Facebook, for example.

2 – Use of broadcast services

To save more space on your device, it is more useful to use streaming services instead of copying music and videos to your iPhone. This way, you leave your phone storage space for more files, data, and more important apps.

3 – Clean your phone’s RAM

This is a strategy that gives your device great speed. You can clear RAM without deleting files and applications. By the way, you need to use the iPhone’s Touch ID biometric fingerprint sensor. Press and hold the Home button until the Slide to power off option appears.

Do not turn off the device, press the button until you are directed to the main screen. The process should take a total of five seconds. This way, the phone’s RAM will be formatted, clearing all the programs or apps that were filling it up. In conclusion, it is a simple way to ensure that you Iphone more quickly.

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