October 1, 2022
'Ted Lasso is not sure he helped,' Marsh jokes about suspecting American coaches

‘Ted Lasso is not sure he helped,’ Marsh jokes about suspecting American coaches

Jesse Marsh, a native of Wisconsin, USA, understood why there was a backlash with American technicians and mocked that the Apple + series’ Dead Lasso character did not help end this stigma. Leeds manager, this Saturday, against Leicester in the Premier League.

For those who are not happy to meet him, Ted Lasso is a football coach hired by a Premier League club (based in Crystal Palace) who knows nothing about football and in between games, should lead the cultural shock. USA and UK.

Undoubtedly the same as Americans who do not like or understand football, and even Marsh does not believe that this stigma is completely unjustified. At his first press conference as Leeds manager, he jokingly said, “I think Ted Lasso helped, I’m not sure.” “I do not watch the series, but I do understand. People do not want to hear this word Football. I have been using football since I became a professional player. In the United States more and more we are embracing what the game is, and we are changing our relationship to what this league is, what the game is in this country.

“I can understand why they do not think of the same experiences (North American technicians) that can be created in Europe. And frankly, they are right. That’s why I came to Europe. That’s why I learned German. That’s why I tried to change a new culture. It takes me out of my comfort zone all the time and challenges me to grow, improve and learn new things all the time.

“I can only say that giving everything I have, trusting who I am, trusting the people I work with and trying to maximize what we are every day is the only way I know to do things. If you do that, you are human spirit and you can achieve what you want. I found you to be very surprised, “he said, before playing with Ted Lasso’s trademarks, people with confidence and confidence:” So, from what I have heard, Ted Lasso looks like.

Marsh began his career as an assistant to the American national team and went on to coach the Montreal Impact and Major League Soccer team through the New York Red Bulls, while the Red Bull came to Europe as coach of Salzburg and RB Leipzig. In Leeds, in 2012, he will get his first job outside the Red Bull structure, replacing Marcelo Pizza.

“It’s important to make sure his predecessors did a lot of things better, to understand what he did better, and to keep us faithful to certain things, but I don’t have to be Marcelo Pizza. I have to be myself. I’m different, I have my own personality,” he said. Explained.

Leeds is close to the Premier League exit zone, with five defeats and a draw in their last six games, and they will try to start Marsh’s recovery and good work at King Power Stadium against Leicester this Saturday. 9:30 p.m.