July 14, 2024

Ten questions Corinthians haven’t answered yet about fans returning to the stadium

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Ten questions Corinthians haven't answered yet about fans returning to the stadium
Ten questions Corinthians haven't answered yet about fans returning to the stadium

The Neo Química Arena will receive the audience again in five days, and more specifically in the confrontation with Bahia, on Tuesday, in the 24th round of Brazil. Corinthians have obtained permission from the Sao Paulo government to occupy 30% of the stadium’s total capacity, giving around 15,000 seats.

Eager to get back on the field, Corinthians fans have been asking questions on social media. a report My TimonThen, last Tuesday, he sent some of these doubts to the club’s press office, but they have yet to be answered.

Here are some of the questions Corinthians’ board of directors and those responsible for the Neo Química Arena still have to answer Corinthians fans:

  1. Are Corinthians really ready and organized for the fan’s return?
  2. What ticket prices will Corinth charge, if capacity is only 30%?
  3. Will there be a box office sale in the stadium or will it be online only?
  4. How will tickets for this duel with Bahia be sold? Will he follow the same sales system as before? In other words, who has priority to buy before others?
  5. About 60 thousand tickets were already sold against Ituano and Palmeiras when the epidemic came and everything stopped. Fans kept their tickets in order. How is it with these tickets now?
  6. It will only be 30% of capacity in the first match against Bahia. How will the nearly 15,000 tickets be split across all sectors of the Neo Química Arena?
  7. Is the score that determines the order of priority in the purchase of tickets maintained? Will tickets purchased in the last 12, which have more value than the previous one, still be worth more than others even without games in the last 18 months?
  8. Will stadium parking lots and restaurants normally be released to fans?
  9. How will the procedure be with the owners of the booths? Will the spaces be freed up and will you enter into a 30% stake?
  10. Will those with a loyal supporter of arrears have a limit to settlement and the ability to buy? Or will you be able to settle near the game and buy your ticket as long as it is still on sale of course?

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