Ten years in prison for a boss night-club

Canton UriLe appeal of a man accused of having wanted to kill his wife in 2010 has been rejected by the federal Court. His sentence is final.

Dix ans de prison pour un patron de night-club

The sentence of ten years imprisonment pronounced against a former bartender of nightclub assassination attempt is final. The federal Court dismissed the appeal of the convicted person.

The boss of a night-club Erstfeld (UR) criticized the supreme Court of the canton of Uri to have misinterpreted a previous judgment of the federal Court, and having concluded that a sentence of death is imposed.

In a new judgment issued Friday, the judges of My Rest, seeing that their colleagues at uri have not based their judgement on a statement allegedly mandatory in federal Court. They referred instead to the folder as well as additional evidence. The federal Court has rejected other grievances of the appellant, in particular on the assessment of the evidence.

Shots in the night

Last January, the former boss of the box had been sentenced to ten years in prison, a fine of 70 days-fine 30 chf and a fine of 800 francs. The justice uranaise had held against him, an assassination attempt on his wife, and a violation of the law on weapons. Another conviction for violations of the law on weapons and endangering the lives of others was already final.

On November 12, 2010 shortly after midnight, at least three shots had been fired in the middle of the street on the wife of the bartender. The latter had suffered serious injuries, but was finally drawn without sequelae, physical.

During a third trial in this case, the supreme Court of the canton of Uri had concluded that it was in fact a contract entered into by the defendant on his wife. In the past, it was estimated that the doubt should benefit the accused and acquitted of the prevention of assassination. The federal Court reversed this decision in April 2017. (stop 6B_515/2018 November 21, 2018)


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