December 6, 2023
Mineradores de Bitcoin do Tennessee (EUA) são obrigados a desligar máquinas

Tennessee Bitcoin miners are forced to shut down machines with cryptophones

© Reuters. Tennessee Bitcoin miners forced to shut down machines

The United States is now the world’s largest mining company (BTC) following China’s persecution of miners.

Nevertheless, BTC miners do not have such a quiet life on American soil. For example, a large Tennessee bitcoin miner was forced to shut down all of its machinery and close its pool. According to local media reports, residents near the site complained to authorities.

The court order came after the district court approved a petition agreement following complaints. Washington County said the mine violates zoning laws and causes too much noise. In addition, the power consumption of the mine pond is also a problem, he said.

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This agreement allows Red Dog, the company that owns the pool, to build its facility at the most appropriate location. As officials point out, the “best place” would be Washington County Industrial Park.

Now the parties are waiting for the approval of the Pride Ridge Committee, which is the local power utility.

Bitcoin mine

According to the lawsuit, fan noise on the site was the start of complaints from residents. Therefore, the new location should be subjected to independent and constant noise monitoring to avoid future problems.

During the investigation, the company said it did not anticipate problems with its mining site. In addition, he apologized to the public and vowed to fulfill the agreement in full.

BTC Mining has proven to be a lucrative business for people and companies around the world.

In some countries, such as Kenya, for example, electricity suppliers pass on their surplus energy to miners.

Moreover, oil companies are entering the sector and mining BTC as a new source of revenue.

By CryptoFácil