June 28, 2022
Tennis player accuses former Chinese vice premier of sexual harassment |  sport shoes

Tennis player accuses former Chinese vice premier of sexual harassment | sport shoes

Former WTA leader Shuai Bing has accused former Chinese Vice Premier Gaoli Zhang of sexual harassment. Japanese journalist Emily Bing, a Beijing-based NPR TV correspondent, released the 36-year-old tennis player’s testimonial, which was submitted through the Weibo social network.

Peng ended up being posted on the social network for censorship and removal minutes later, but print publications have made the topic go around the world and are commented on online. The complaint is another touching story for the MeToo movement, which fights sexual harassment and assault. Many Chinese women have also demonstrated, but the authorities are always under pressure to provide evidence to substantiate the accusations.

Shuai Bing, Chinese tennis player – Photo: Mark Colby/Getty Images

Ping’s case is one of the most sensitive, as it directly affects a former high-ranking politician from the Chinese Communist Party. The tennis player said in her testimony that the sexual harassment occurred before she and 75-year-old Gaoli Zhang became lovers, which happened of their own volition. She also claimed that she had no evidence to prove what had happened.

And journalist Emily Bing revealed that the Chinese media was prevented from publishing on this topic, despite the seriousness of the MeToo movement, which was severely suppressed by the Chinese authorities. Even with the deletion of the Weibo post, within a few minutes the post reached thousands of likes and comments, which caught the attention of the world press and made the story spread all over the world.

A doubles champion at Roland Garros (2014) and Wimbledon (2013), Shuai Bing played her last tournament in Doha, at the beginning of last year. She reached the top of the WTA rankings in 2014, finishing the year in third place.