Tennis player Medvedev has unveiled a method for fast recovery of the body

Domestic athlete told how he was able to change your own diet and reinstatement, in order to show the best results.

Теннисист Медведев рассекретил способ быстрого восстановления организма

The Russian tennis player has revealed the secret of success on the sports field. According to Daniel Medvedev, in the old days, he almost never thought about how it feeds and what it does during the day. Athlete easily ate pastries for Breakfast, and then would spend hours lying on the couch while watching sporting events. Now he actively eats cereals and likes to take ice baths.

Medvedev remembers with delight his triumph in Sydney when he won his first title. Now even in case of loss he realizes that he fought with all his strength, but the enemy was stronger and harder.


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