May 28, 2023

Tesla recalls more than a million cars in China

a TeslaOne of the most innovative and revolutionary companies in the electric vehicle industry recently announced the recall of almost every car it sells in China. This is due to a malfunction in the brake and acceleration system that can increase the risk of accidents and endanger the safety of drivers and passengers.

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Recall over a million vehicles

The company will perform software patching via Internet update on more than 1.1 million cars produced in Shanghai from January 2019 to April this year, as well as some models imported into China.

According to the State Administration for Market Regulation, the defect is related to Tesla’s regenerative braking system, which did not allow drivers to adjust the intensity of the regenerative braking and did not warn when they stepped on the accelerator pedal for a long time, increasing the possibility of misapplication of the pedal.

Online software debugging

Fortunately, a software fix will allow drivers to adjust the intensity of regenerative braking and modify the system’s default factory state. In addition, the company’s cars will begin to notify drivers when the accelerator pedal is pressed for a long time.

The action was taken after much criticism

This is an important step on Tesla’s part, especially since the company has already faced criticism from local authorities and state media in China over acceleration and braking issues with its cars.

The most notorious case was that of a Model 3 owner who climbed atop a Tesla display car at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show and exclaimed that her father nearly died while driving the sedan because the brakes failed.

Safety comes first

While Tesla issued a public apology and released data records from the car that showed it was traveling at 118.5 kilometers per hour shortly before the impact, it is important that the company continues to worry about the safety of its customers.

After all, technology is key to the evolution of electric vehicles, but safety is an even more important aspect. We expect Tesla to continue investing in innovative solutions that can further improve the safety of its vehicles and customers.