Test values: Justin Trudeau wants to see it before deciding

Test des valeurs: Justin Trudeau veut le voir avant de se prononcer

The prime minister Justin Trudeau has avoided saying Friday if he would allow the Quebec government to submit the new comers to a test of values.

“In relation to the various proposals, including the idea of tests, we will continue to discuss with the province and see what is their proposal, he said. Still, they speak of different things and we haven’t seen yet what form it might take and we will not react before understanding exactly what they are proposing.”

The values test is one of the many requests made by François Legault during their meeting the day before. The prime minister of quebec had submitted a list, taking advantage of the election year that is emerging in Canada to try to get the most concessions possible for Quebec. In addition to the test values, Mr. Legaultveut also impose a test of French to immigrants.

The prime minister of quebec had not wanted to say Thursday the type of questions that contain the test values. This review would be based on the principles of the québec Charter of rights and freedoms, such as equality between men and women.

Quebec must obtain the agreement of Ottawa to be able to add these questions to the knowledge test which are already subject to economic immigrants who settle in the province. The prime minister Legault also request to be added to tests on the values and the French to the process already existing for immigrants from family reunification, a category managed by the federal government.

During the meeting, the two prime ministers also discussed the decrease in the number of newcomers. Mr. Legault wants, in particular, that Ottawa would allow him to reduce by 20 percent the levels of immigration in the two categories over which it has no power, either those of the refugees and the reunification of the family.

“We have spoken about the thresholds of immigration and we also talked a lot about the shortage of labour that exists everywhere in Québec, especially in the region,” said Mr. Trudeau on Friday. It is for that (we have) agreed that our ministers were to meet in the coming weeks to discuss these two items and how they can be send (sic) together to enhance the economic growth for Quebecers, and by extension for all Canadians.”

The ministers of the government Legault is scheduled to hold a meeting in Gatineau at the end of the month of January.

Quebec also hopes to achieve this by the negotiations with Ottawa for the financing of the reception of asylum seekers, which he estimated at $ 300 million, and demand that the Quebecers to fill out an income tax return single.

Mr. Trudeau had already opposed in may, in a declaration of income unique to be administered by the quebec government, despite the consensus of the national Assembly. He could not see the need and believed that Quebec already had a lot “of control over immigration, language, culture”.

The conservative Party, the New democratic Party and the Bloc québécois are in favour of this idea.

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