December 1, 2023
Texas confirms first death of micron variant in US

Texas confirms first death of micron variant in US

The Texas The first death related was confirmed Micron variation Do Corona virus To us To us This Monday (20).

According to local judge Lina Hidalgo, this is a Harris County man.

Hidalgo said he was in his 50s, but did not release further details.

The Harris County Public Health Service said in a statement that the man had not been vaccinated and had previously been infected with the corona virus.

“The individual was at high risk for serious complications from Govt-19 due to not being vaccinated and basic health problems,” he wrote.

Micron caused more than 73% of new corona virus cases in the US last week, which became the dominant strain – before, the biggest problem Delta -, according to the data Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Some research shows that this new variant can cause milder shapes Govit-19 Compared to other strains, but further investigations are still ongoing.

Experts say vaccines and booster shots are the best way to reduce the risk of covia for serious illness or death.

“Of course, as we have just seen, we will be tragically admitted to hospital and die, but the evidence shows that those who are vaccinated, by boosters, are less likely to end up in hospital.” Hidalgo said.