December 9, 2022
Textor wants to standardize in a network of clubs, and Botafogo Adidas is a supplier of uniforms

Textor wants to standardize in a network of clubs, and Botafogo Adidas is a supplier of uniforms

Doubts still swirled in John Textor’s mind for choosing the new sports equipment supplier for Botafogo. With two months to go until the end of 2022 and with the desire to start next season in the new uniform, no decision has yet been made.

+ Botafogo has opened talks with Banco Inter for sponsorship

Reebok is leading the race to sign Glorioso jerseys from 2023, but the new prospect is giving the CEO a headache. Owner of a multi-club network around the world, Eagle HoldingJohn Textor considers this clubs “unifying” network With the same company: Adidas.

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In this case, Botafogo and RWD Molenbeek-BEL, who is from Macron, will be accompanied by Club Lyon-FRA, a club in the process of becoming Textor, and will be sponsored by the German. Textor also owns shares in Crystal Palace-ING, but it is not a major shareholder in Eagles, which makes big decisions complicated as it depends on the approval of more people.

Anyway, the German giant is on the agenda in Botafogo. It’s probably the ‘third brand’ that has been in the shutdown race with the club – The Throw! Published last month it Textor had three offers on the table. The Reebok and Juma are the other two companies.

The owner of SAF do Botafogo has good relations with the executives of Adidas and knows that this is the brand that will provide Alvinegro jerseys to the entire world. Meanwhile, Textor is a personal friend of Jimmy Salter, CEO of Authentic Brands Group, which controls Reebok, a brand that has been talking to the club for months.

+ Botafogo does not intend to pay the fine of Victor Cuesta to Internacional

The move implied by Adidas will come from a “big” measure, thinking more of consolidating and valuing Eagle Holding rather than “partial,” putting Botafogo’s needs first.

Meaning: Reebok offered an offer that was most appreciated by North Americans, but the executive also sees an opportunity to strengthen the network as a whole and create a standard among all “participating brothers.”

For now, Reebok continues to lead the race with the numbers provided, but John Textor is keen that Eagle Holding Clubs have the same supplier of uniforms. In this context, the Lyon case is more complicated, as the French club has a 12-year partnership with Adidas.

+ Botafogo scores the goal and already recognizes the goal change in the international tournament

The German brand already had exclusivity in Rio de Janeiro with Flamengo, but this ended in the latest renewal between the two parties. The form of contracts – if Botafogo of course come forward – will also be different.

The truth is that time is ticking and Botafogo’s desire to play the first match of the 2023 season in a new outfit seems increasingly difficult to fulfill. However, behind the scenes he is still excited about the best choice of supplier.