August 9, 2022
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Thammy Miranda unlocks the game and reveals penis implants

Tammy Miranda He was a guest on A Tarde é Sua, on RedeTV!, this Monday (11) He ended up putting it on the wall in an unusual position. He talked about penile implants and did not reveal whether he actually had the procedure.

“Do you know what I think is important? Everyone does what is important to them. If a person thinks it is important to put it on, put it down. If someone thinks it is important to take it off, take it off. The important thing to know is that it can be done.” Now, whoever is going to do it has to know that it is important to her,” she said.


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He continued: “I went to a counseling session to see if it could be done and I wanted to reveal it, it wasn’t because I was going to do it or not, I wanted to show it to people who thought it was important to know there was a possibility to do it,” he said.

Tammy Miranda also spoke about the responsibility of having young fans: ‘I have a lot of teen followers and that’s important, but it’s a huge responsibility. When I became what I really am, there were a lot of teens who said that. I want to be you, I want to take my chest’. You don’t have to take off your chest to look like me, but Because it’s your reality. This is very dangerous,” He said.

Tammy Miranda. (Image: clone / Twitter)


In the conversation, Tammy Miranda spoke out about the haters on social media and revealed that he avoids reading the hate messages he receives there. “I protect myself a lot. I don’t live from reading reviews. I don’t live on itexplained.

Hygiene during sex

Recently, Tami Miranda’s wife talked about hygiene during sex. Andressa Ferreira spoke about the importance of personal hygiene in the moments of relationships between four walls.

“You guys have asked me a lot about sex…Sometimes we feel a little embarrassed to talk about it, but everyone does it, right? I think it’s important and what I do is, before going to bed, always with clean clothes and clean teeth. “Guys, there is nothing worse than a person lying on your side without brushing his teeth, without brushing his partsShe said.

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