September 30, 2023
"That's what the Catalans are proposing";  Barcelona refers to lending Coutinho through wage division, but demands

“That’s what the Catalans are proposing”; Barcelona refers to lending Coutinho through wage division, but demands

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Verdau wants reinforcements to qualify for a team already contemplating the Club World Cup controversy

Coutinho can bring football back from Brazil
© Photo: Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images/SpainCoutinho can bring football back from Brazil

the Palm trees Search reinforcements In the ball market with the aim of participating in the Club World Cup as well as thinking about the next season. Many of the club’s goals are well known, but the biggest problem is that business is ballooning, so the trend calls for caution to close heavyweight deals, which is something fans want.

Last Wednesday night (29), the Spanish press reported that Philip Coutinho He wants to return to Brazilian football. The midfielder belongs to Barcelona, ​​but the Catalan club wants to negotiate with him to reduce salaries, as the institution suffers from a major financial crisis and needs to “cut” expenses.

This Thursday (30) press Bruno Andrade, from the UOL Esporte portal, updated the scenario and reported that there might be a way for Barcelona to make it easier to get a loan by paying part of the Brazilian’s salaries: Loan the athlete only until August 2022 and not the whole year, that is, the ace will be loaned for about six months.

Coutinho wants to get close to Tite’s radar for the chance to play in the World Cup in Qatar. In addition to Verdão, the Atletico MG also appears interested on the star. The athlete has already had a great phase in Europe, especially at Liverpool, but it was never a big deal at Barcelona, ​​who spent 778 million Brazilian Real in 2018 to sign him.

He also went through Bayern MunichIt had some good flashes, but it wasn’t enough to get the Germans to invest in getting it permanently. With little market in the giants of the old continent, a return to Brazil is entirely possible in 2022.