September 28, 2023
The 13-year-old is spending 66 days alone at home while his parents are stuck during the lockdown in Shanghai

The 13-year-old is spending 66 days alone at home while his parents are stuck during the lockdown in Shanghai

A 13-year-old Chinese boy spent 66 days living alone at home while his parents ended up in Shanghai during a rough period. full closure It was imposed in the country’s largest city to contain the increase in Covid-19 cases. The couple left home in February for a treatment or treatment The doctor was only able to return to Kunshan at the end of April.

During the period alone, the young man did not stop studying and continued to participate in online lessons. He also took care of the family’s pets. For a while, parents were able to send meals to their son at a food delivery service. But the shutdown also reached Kunshan and the supply stopped.

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In doing so, the mother began to teach the son from a distance to cook some simple dishes. The neighbors also helped the boy. The parents told the local newspaper, Beijing Youth Daily, that they were able to return home after conducting preventive quarantine for more than a week.

Upon returning to the site, the parents found that both the boy and the animals had gained weight. The house was also very dirty and chaotic. There was no place for us to put our feet on the ground,” said the mother, who was only known as Zhu.

“My son is usually very lazy, and I think many of his peers are doing a better job than him in terms of independence. But I must commend him, because he has managed the situation so well for the past two months. He never complained. Instead, he often comforted us.”

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Shanghai, considered the largest city in China, has been under near-total lockdown since early April, hurting its supply chains. The first deaths in the region were reported on April 18, however, several places are recording new cases of Covid-19 daily, which has alarmed the country. China is the world’s second largest economy and has been struggling for two years with severe lockdowns to try to get to “Covid Zero”.

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On April 20, the city reported the facilitation, which allowed citizens to return to the streets. The new rule allows more than 12 million people – about half the population – to return to just wander their neighbourhoods. More than 19,927 new cases of the disease have been recorded in China, with Shanghai being responsible for 95% of this amount.

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