February 1, 2023

The 7 best movies on Netflix of 2022 so far

Rainer Pajo/Netflix

No regrets, 2022 was a year of many feelings, many life experiences, disappointments and learnings, but many happiness and achievements. Who hasn’t lived much this year has been to Mars. The world has turned 180 degrees and the past two months have ended up being equally turbulent, with many extremes and expectations. Netflix followed the pace and offered its subscribers many productions, providing a busy schedule with news. Now let’s check out the best movies of the year on streaming, so far. Highlights for “Arremessando Alto”, from 2022, by Jeremiah Zagar; “Athena,” from 2022, by Romain Gavras; and Edward Berger’s 2022 “Nothing New on the Front.” The titles available on Netflix are organized in alphabetical order and do not follow rating standards.