December 8, 2022
The accident that killed Cesar Tralee's mother was recorded as a murder;  Understanding TV News

The accident that killed Cesar Tralee’s mother was recorded as a murder; Understanding TV News

Edna Tralee, Cesar Tralee’s mother, was killed in a plane crash on Sunday (9) At Paranapanema, in the interior of São Paulo. Authorities are still investigating the fall, and the case has been registered with the Civil Police in São Paulo as manslaughter, as there was no intent to kill. The pilot was her companion Iqlids brooch. He was allowed to drive.

a the news He was able to see the accident report recorded on the day of the tragedy. Witnesses were unable to determine the exact time of the accident, and the plane was found floating, with its nose and front part destroyed. The model is the amphibious Super Petrel LS 100, which has the ability to land both on land and in the water.

Anac (national aviation agency) reported that the aircraft was registered as Brosch. Manufacturing dates back to 2006, and the brand is one of the ultra-lightweight models on the market – this makes it easy to land in unstable areas like water. In addition, it is small and can accommodate only two people on board: a crew member and a passenger.

Cenipa (Center for Aviation Accident Investigation and Prevention) is still investigating the cause of the accident, but police said the weather hardly caused any interference with the flight. Suspicions are that it was human error or technical problems on board.

On that day, the city’s thermometers recorded temperatures as high as 28°C., with no forecast of rain, wind or cloudy weather. The dam’s water was calm even after the fall. Edna’s body was in the wreckage inside the planeand Brosch were found floating.

The victims were identified by the documents found at the scene: identity, credit cards and the registration of the National Civil Aviation Agency, the company responsible for organizing and supervising flights in Brazil. It has not been determined whether the aircraft has the normal documentation, if
He had a flight plan, no place of departure and destination.