August 15, 2022
The actress of Our Lady of Destiny continues after the disappearance

The actress of Our Lady of Destiny continues after the disappearance

After five days missing in BoliviaActor Agles Steib, 38, called the family today. Become known as the character Michael Jackson, in the TV series “Senhora do Destino” (TV Globo), which was shown in 2005.

“He was isolated from the outside world because he was lost in another country. He spent four days without a SIM in his cell phone to communicate with family. Thank God he has already called and is fine. Leonetti Carol, the artist’s mother, said in an interview with Kim that she returned to Rio, but it would take two days.

Agles traveled to Bolivia in search of a job, and five days ago he stopped answering letters from his family.

“He was in Bolivia, and he tried to make a living there. Why Here in Rio it was very difficult [o mercado de trabalho para a área dele]. He went for a while and decided to return, but he did not have much money. And the We were worried. He was talking to us on the phone until about five days ago, and he stopped calling,” Leonetti told Kim yesterday.

“Now I’m calmer. I was already thinking about the worst. He was also worried about his family, but he could not communicate because of the slide. His 15-year-old daughter, Mariana, was sad and exhausted, and now the mother said, “She is calmer. He is alive and well.”

Who is Agles Steib?

According to Agles Steib’s mother, he traveled to Bolivia and has been missing for 5 days

Photo: Playback / Instagram

The role in “Lady of Destiny” was the actor’s debut on the small screen.. in the plot, Michael Jackson was the son of character Rita de Cassia (Adriana Lisa), who suffered from domestic violence and was chemically dependent.

In the following years, agles He also worked on TV Globo in the series “Paraíso Tropical” (2007), “Guerra e Paz” (2008) and in series “Beeline” (1999-2007) and “Task Force” (2009-2011).

The actor was also present at Movies “Tourist” (2006) and “Helino” (2011). to me IMDBIt was his last performance inLily Hammer“, series from Netflix.

Christian artist and theologian passed To devote himself to the direction of religious graphics. According to Leonete, he opened a production company that worked in film, theater and advertising, in addition to teaching drama.

In 2017, agles “Cidade Refugio,” a documentary about the work of a Christian drug addiction recovery center, was released.

“The production company stopped working because of COVID-19,” Leonetti told Kim. “He was teaching dramaturgy and he was shooting videos.”

As a result, he began to have financial problems and went to live with his mother. “I had an apartment in Para, but I no longer own it. I had a lot of financial problems due to the pandemic and he was living with me and his daughter. biggestMariana 15 years [ele ainda é pai de Maria Luiza, de 4 anos]“.

After the pandemic, he was out of work. and me too. Now I work as a service provider at TV Globo, I’m Frilla. She worked with the “Malhação” team for seven consecutive years. I’ve done makeup and hair for a lot of people: Andre Marquez, Camila Pitanga, Deborah Secco, Juliana Paes…