The advantage of Maxime Bernier said to have formed associations in all the counties

Le parti de Maxime Bernier dit avoir formé des associations dans tous les comtés

OTTAWA — The popular Party of Canada (PPC) is said to have achieved its objective of founding associations in the 338 federal electoral districts, the sign, according to him, that he will be a force to be reckoned with during the upcoming elections in October

In an e-mail sent to its supporters, the party leader Maxime Bernier stresses that the achievement of this goal represents a gift in the form of hope for Canadians wanting to defend the principles of freedom, responsibility, respect and fairness.

Bernier has been a member of the parliamentary group of the conservative Party for more than 10 years before announcing, in August, his departure to establish his own training.

The programme of the party has not yet been established. However, the website of the PPC says that this program will be inspired by “the policies proposed by Maxime Bernier in the race to the leadership of the conservative Party in 2016-2017”. Among these is the end of the system of supply management in the dairy sector.

Unfortunate candidate in the leadership race in may 2017, Maxime Bernier had beaten narrowly by the current leader of the conservative Party Andrew Scheer.

Mr. Bernier has criticized the federal conservatives have turned their backs on the actual ideas of the right. According to him, the conservative party “has nothing substantial to offer to Canadians looking for an alternative policy”.

In the email, he invited each of the 33 800 members to make donations to help the party to spread its ideas.

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