The agent who dreamed of being a singer

L’agent qui rêvait d’être chanteur

When Dany Plourde became single at 47 years old, he embarked on the writing of songs… as a weapon of seduction. Twelve years of age and 80 compositions later, he just started to hear them turn on the radio. And he dreams to be drilled.

“I spent my teenage years with a guitar in hand, to make music with a group of friends. It didn’t work for us, but becoming a singer is a dream I’ve always cherished, “says the one who became artists’ agent. The owner of the agency shows bromontoise The Box corpo, it works with Guylaine Tanguay, Mike Ward and Somnifrères, the two sons of Messmer.

But outside of his professional obligations, Dany Plourde spends a lot of time to put into words what goes through the head. “It’s my hobby. Full of subjects that challenge me. I wrote about the cons, about suicide, about many things. But my favourite subject, these are the romantic relationships, ” says the romantic assumed.

This is a love song entitled Beautiful cursed, who plays these days in several independent radio stations in the Maritimes and Quebec. “Beautiful damned, that you a night like you “, sings Dany Plourde on a catchy tune, not far removed from the worm in the ear.

This foray on the airwaves, albeit marginal, in the delights. It had been a small taste before the Holidays, when his play” The boomerang Christmas had pierced in a few small stations. “The big radio networks are in very high demand, then it is more difficult to be heard “, he noted.

To this day, the man was able to save forty of his songs — a new one will be born this week, he writes and puts in music. The arrangements are the business of the musician Benoit Riendeau.

The secret of a hit, according to him ? “It is necessary for the song to be catchy from the first seconds. It is necessary that something happens. “With this mantra in mind, he holds out hope that his compositions will find a day taken up by performers and producers from here and elsewhere.

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